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Super Blue Replacement Tabs are the perfect replacement tape for tape in hair extensions with ultimate hold. These replacement tape tabs feature our popular tape used on our Indian Remy Tape-In Extensions.

As with any tape in extension application, you must use clarifying shampoo and cannot use conditioner on roots prior to application. Once the tape in extensions are reapplied do not wash hair for 48-72 hours. These tape tabs are great for a strong hold and are easily removed with an organic bond remover and do not damage hair or leave behind any residue. 

Super Blue Tape Tabs
Double Sided Replacement Tape Tabs
60 Tape Tabs

Hypoallergenic Tape Adhesives
Lasts 8-12 Weeks

Perfect for reapplying your KUMARI HAIR Tape-in Hair Extensions - double sided tape. No minimum order requirement, we can provide you with tape for your clients regardless of which current supplier you work with. For salons looking for bulk tape, please contact us directly for rolls of tape.

KUMARI HAIR is made specifically to extend the use of your hair extensions. Using the right tools and products helps your hair extensions stay soft and last longer. Get the most out of every wear and ensure you will be able to reuse your hair by providing the TLC it needs!

Tape-In Extensions continue to be the best option for semi permanent hair extensions as they are fast to apply and even easier to remove. Now, not all tape in hair extensions are created equal. Some tape in lines have tape adhesive that is so strong your own hair get pulled out and damaged. The tape adhesive is so strong that after long wear it is nearly impossible to remove. Other tape in hair extensions lines have bad manufacturing where the actual tape weft will slip off and the adhesive will remain in your hair. Now when that happens it’s similar to getting gum stuck in your hair-it’s a mess! Then there are other tape in hair extensions that are poorly made and slip out within a few washes! With all that being said, KUMARI HAIR Tape-In Extensions are made with high quality medical grade adhesive that is strong enough to hold 10-12 weeks but are easily removed in an instant. Tape in extensions removal with KUMARI HAIR Tape-In Extensions is fast, easy, and damage free. Reapplying tape extensions is just as easy with a new set of Tape -In Extension replacement tabs.

How are tape in extensions removed? How long does removal take?

Tape in hair extensions are simply and easily removed with an organic Tape-In bond remover.  No tools or harsh chemicals are required to remove them. Some other hair extension lines recommend using harsh solvents or alcohols-and the reason why they recommend that is because the tape adhesive they use is too strong and damaging. The right tape in hair extensions will not require harsh chemicals to remove them properly, quickly, and without damage. It will take less than 20 minutes to remove a full head of hair with NO damage. 

How will you know when it’s time to remove your tape in hair extensions? 

Tape in extensions need to be removed every 8-12 weeks. The faster your hair grows, the faster they will need replaced. Also, if you have a lot of product buildup or have not take care of your tape in hair extensions they will may become loose and will need replaced. Most who wear tape in hair extensions get 10 weeks of wear.  When you feel your tape extensions have grown out more than two inches or some are slipping out, then it is time to have them taken out and reapplied. 

Can you remove your tape in hair extensions yourself? 

If you are unsure about removing your tape in hair extensions or do not have a lot of experience with hair extensions you will want to go to the salon to have them removed. However, tape in extensions are incredibly easy to remove at home with an organic remover. You can remove them at home as long as you follow all steps and be sure not to pull too hard when removing. The single most important thing about getting hair extensions is ensuring that there is no hair loss. So, if you are unsure, be sure to visit your local trusted salon to have the tape in hair extensions removed. 

How to remove tape in hair extensions? 

Drench the tape bonds with the organic bond remover. Allow the oil to seem in-between the bonds and sit for 1 minute. Slowly start peeling back the tape in extensions.Wherever the tape in extensions are stuck simply add more oil. The oil will release the two bonds and they will slip right out. To properly remove tape in extensions you will not need to pull them, this will cause damage. Simply add more oil and allow the oil to seep between the bonds. This will cause the adhesive to break down. 

Tape in hair extension removal is simple, fast, and non damaging when you are wearing KUMARI HAIR Tape-In Extensions can then be cleaned and applied with new tape.  They can be removed at home as long as you take your time and never pull on the extensions. If you are unsure and want to ensure you have no damage visit a local hair stylist, or contact us directly.

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