Kumari Hair Care

5 Easy Steps to keep your Hair FABULOUS!

Here are some helpful tips on HOW to make sure you give your new hair the Tender Loving Care – TLC, it needs:

1. Always remember to brush your Kumari Hair gently with a wide comb or Kumari Hair Detangler brush to remove any knots and tangles

2. Wash your hair generally after ever 3-4 wears. Wash Kumari Hair in lukewarm water with shampoo, lathering from top to bottom in a downward motion. Try not to scrunch or rub the hair. Rinse out the shampoo and apply conditioner from top to bottom. If you can leave in the condition for 3-5 minutes it will get the full nourishment, like your own hair needs. Rinse out conditioner and pat the hair down with a towel.

3. Make sure to air dry your Kumari Hair. Hang your hair to dry naturally. Please do not blow dry your hair, or style your hair while wet. Only style once hair is dry.

4. Once your Kumari Hair is dry, please apply heat protectant spray or natural hair oils. This will provide protection for your Kumari Hair from the heat of a flat iron or curling wand styling tools. Protect your Kumari Hair, like your own hair.

5. Lastly, but MOST important! Provide TLC to Kumari Hair, as you do your own hair. Love them, care for them, and store them in a dry cool place.

Love you much!

Reveal your inner GODDESS!