What are clip-in extensions?

Its Date Night and you need to complete your look?!  This is the perfect solution to add thickness, length and volume to your own hair within minutes. Since clip-in extensions are NOT permanent, they are very easy to apply and remove. Clip-in extensions will make you reveal that Goddess in minutes!

How do I attach extensions to my own hair?

Hair extensions by KUMARI hair will come in 7 separate wefts with small snap clips that you can attach under your hair. Our clips are designed to keep your fabulous look set and secured for the day or a night out!  KUMARI HAIR: How To Clip In Extensions

How long does it take to clip my KUMARI hair extensions in?

You will be able to to put in your extensions in less than 5 minutes, and remove them even quickly. With practice comes experience, so in no time at all you will be a pro! 

How long will my KUMARI hair extensions last?

It is very simple, the better you take care of your extensions the longer they will last. KUMARI Hair can last anywhere from 3 months to well over a year. On average, with daily use, they last from 3 to 6 months; with good care, and less frequent use they can last well over a year. An important factor in expanding the lifespan of your extensions is by deep conditioning! It is great to deep condition them once a week (if you wear them often). Also, overnight deep conditioning with a small about of Argan or Almond Oil is just lovely for your extensions! We recommend laying your extensions flat to dry on satin or silk.  Check out our recommended Argan Oil!  Kumari Hair Care

What are tape-In extensions?

Tape-In is one of the newest methods for the Hair Extensions options. Stylists and clients love it because it’s easy and only takes about an hour to install. The attachment points of Tape-In extensions are seamless and won’t damage hair. Tape-In extensions come in 20inch in length, and the package come in wefts, each 1.5 inches wide. There are 10 of these wefts in every pack and each weft comes pre-bonded with a special adhesive designed for use with hair. A typical full head of Tape-In extensions is about 3 to 5 packs of hair.

How do I put in tape-in extensions?

The stylist pulls off the protective strip on the Tape-In weft and presses the adhesive area firmly onto the hair near the scalp. Then another hair extension weft is placed underneath the first hair weft, sandwiching the client’s hair in between the two wefts. This technique keeps the hair and hair extension in place, sealed in the protective adhesive strips. The adhesive is strong and safe for use in hair.

How long will tape-in extensions last?

Tape-In hair can last for about two to four months. As you wear Tape-In extensions, your hair will grow as it normally does, and that growth causes the weft and hair extension to move further and further away from the scalp.

How do I remove tape-in extensions?

Removing Tape-In extensions is easy with Tape-In Bond Remover. This oil-based solution helps break down the adhesive so the bonds loosen. After the solution has been applied for a few seconds, you can gently slide the Tape-Ins out of the hair.

What hair is used for your extensions?

100% Indian hair is used, as the hair cuticle of Indian hair is thin and therefore Indian hair has the ability to blend in with most, if not all, hair types. Not only that, Indian hair also keeps its natural elasticity allowing curls to last longer and bounce unbelievably beautifully! Even more so, Indian hair easily holds hair products, as well preserves moisture, for an extended period of time - meaning, your hair style will look luscious and last longer with100% Indian hair.

What is Remy hair?

Remy is considered the highest grade quality of human hair because the steps required to collect and process the hair is done with such care. Specifically, the hair is hand picked and individually arranged in the same direction of growing hair - meaning, the cuticles run downwards in order to prevent tangling. The tedious and gentle process used by Remy standards to collect and arrange hair ensures that hair remains soft, silky, shiny and completely tangle free. 

Can KUMARI hair extensions be curled and flat ironed?

Of Course!  Hair Extensions are meant to be an 'addition" to your own hair.  So curl it, straighten it, flip it, wrap it, DO as you desire!  And achieve the look you want but with extra added clip in or Tape in volume, thickness and length!!  ALWAYS use protectant spray and hair oil before apply ANY heat to your Kumari Hair.

Can I color/dye KUMARI hair extensions?

The extensions can be colored but at your own risk as the hair has already been processed and coloring it may or may not damage the hair - if you are wanting to color your extensions always test hair dye on a smaller weft (a 1.5" piece) before coloring the whole set - since, different types of hair dyes contain different chemicals and we cannot be sure how the chemicals/heat from the dye may react with the hair.

Bleaching the hair extensions that have already been processed is extremely harmful for the hair. Therefore, we never recommend bleaching the hair.

Can I wash my extensions?

Yes, you should wash the hair extensions as if they were your own, using a gentle sulfate free color safe shampoo (to help prevent color from bleeding) and conditioner (or just use a conditioner to clean the hair). Treat them with plenty of conditioner to keep them moist and healthy. Pat dry with a towel, and lay flat to dry.

Also, when you receive your new set of extensions you can always wash them with a conditioner, before use, to bring out all the thickness!  Kumari Hair Care.

How often should I wash my extensions?

You do NOT need to wash your extensions often, as over washing can easily dry out your extensions. It is important to keep in mind that extensions are not attached to your scalp (as they are on a weft), so it does not receive any natural oils from your scalp. Therefore, your extensions will dry out faster than your own hair. To help prevent your extensions from drying out, deep conditioning is important - always remember KUMARI Hair will only receive the moisture you give it (i.e. conditioning, deep conditioning etc.).

Can I blow dry my extensions?

We advise against using a blow dryer on your extensions as this can decrease your extensions lifespan, but you are more than welcome to blow dry your extensions since out hair is 100% human! We know that blow drying them gives that extra volume...! 

We recommend, that you lay your extensions flat to dry naturally as this will give them a longer life span. 

How do I store my extensions?

In a flat dry area, in any small plastic container.  Try not to tie the hair up, placeit back into the provided hairnet  For an easier solution, purchase one of our fabulous Kumari Hair storage bagsand Kumari Hair Hangerfor safe keeping and not to mention great for traveling!:)

What do I do if a hair clip needs a repair/be replace?

Please see our How to Repair/Replace Hair Extensions Clip Instructions.

Do KUMARI hair extensions hold curls well?

Yes, extremely well! We proud our selves on carrying real 100% Indian hair as this hair type is super easy to style and holds curls over an extended period of time, since the natural elasticity in Indian hair is maintained in clip-in extensions. Get bouncy beautiful hair today!

Does KUMARI HAIR contain silicone?

We use little to NO silicone on your hair extensions. Therefore, our extensions, unlike most companies, are not overly shinny. As we know we sell high quality hair and therefore we do NOT need to coat our hair heavily with unnecessary chemicals! Our hair looks, feels and acts like real hair.

Is shedding normal?

Yes - like all extensions and our own hair, shedding is normal - especially when you first receive your extensions. This is called, 'initial shedding.' We recommend brushing out your extensions nicely before first use. Overall, shedding should be minimal after the first couple of uses, but if you find that it is excessive please feel free to contact us at info@KUMARIhair.com. 

Where do I enter my discount code?

If you have a discount code, you will be prompted to enter it in AFTER the PayPal screen Once the payment has be fullfilled, press continue and in the following screen the discount code will show applied and your purchase will be successfully complete.  

My payment is not going through:

Not to PANIC!  Give us a call or email us at info@kumarihair.com, and we can determine if it is on our end or if it is PayPal payment processor end.
Changing the browser you use may play a factor, so try changing browser windows.

It says my color is on back order, what does that mean?

If your order is on back order (out of stock), you are still able to purchase and reserve your set or product. Once the item is back in stock it will be shipped out the following day. Also, we do not promise that the order will ship that exact delay, as unexpected delays can occur (i.e. holiday season). Please be aware, that it does take us 3 to 4 weeks to get items back into stock, however we do try to replenish our stock every 1 to 2 weeks to avoid being on back order as least as possible. 

If one of the items you ordered is on back order, you can choose to SPLIT your order. Meaning, you can receive the non-back ordered item(s) earlier. You will be subjected to extra shipping charges. Please email: orders@KUMARIhair.com

Does KUMARI hair offer a return and/or exchange policy?

Yes, please read our exchange and refund policy before ordering. You do have 7 days to get a return or exchange. When you receive your shipment it is very important that you test your shade color FIRST. A test strip, that is also apart of your 7 piece set, will be attached at the bottom of the main package. You simply open that part first and, without removing it from the cardboard backing, check to see if the color matches your own shade.

If it matches and you are satisfied then go ahead and open the main package. If it does NOT match DO NOT open or tamper the main package and please inform us via email at info@KUMARIhair.com that you would like a return or exchange. It is the senders responsibility to pay for the shipping charges, and to ensure that the package arrives safely to us. Therefore, we advise sending the package with a tracking number.

Why are KUMARI hair extensions non-refundable if I open the package?

Human hair extensions are considered a hygienic product. We take matters of hygiene and public safety seriously and DO NOT ALLOW opened items to be returned for the safety of all of our clients.

How long does shipping usually take?

USA 1 to 3 business days.
Canada 3 to 5 business days.
International 5 to 15 business days.

How may I contact you?

You can contact us via email: info@KUMARIhair.com and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Feel free to contact us about any questions or concerns you may have. :)

Love you much!

KUMARI Hair xoxo