No more Hair Frizz

Beat the FIZZ out of your HAIR!


1. Try NOT to shampoo every day

Shampooing daily strips the natural oils from your hair.  When you do shampoo, try to use a sulfate-free formula. Sulfates can leave hair feeling dry so look for a solution that nourishes strands to prevent dehydration.  Wash hair with luke warm water.  Try to go at least a day between shampoos. The scalp produces natural oils that help fight frizzy hair and shampooing daily removes these oils.

2. ALWAYS apply conditioner to your HAIR

Conditioner is SO important.  It ADDS moisture and helps smooth your outer layer of hair.  Apply conditioner, more from mid way to the roots of your hair.

If your conditioner isn’t doing the trick, try an at-home deep-conditioning treatment like a hair mask - My favorite is Avacado and Mayonnaise mix or an in-salon treatment.
Let the conditioner sit in your hair for atleast a few minutes and rinse hair with cold water to seal the currently open hair cuticle.

3. DO APPLY protectant spray and oils

Once out of the shower, wrap your hair in a towel, dont ever rub your hair with it too rough, press it dry to avoid disrupting the cuticles.  After doing your routine facial creams, or routine, unwrap your hair and spray a heat protectant spray - CHI is a great Keratin Mist, and hair dryer protectant spray - Redken is great.  Once you give your a few sprays, then apply a dime/quarter size hair (based on your hair length and thickness) protectant oil - Redken Diamond Oil, or any oil such as Joico - any department store carries these.  Rub the oil in your palms and apply th oil through your hair, focusing mainly away from your scalp and running it through mid shaft of your hair to the ends. Next, use your fingers, a detangler brush - Kumari brush, or a wide comb, and comb through your still damp hair.  Try not to over brush or comb your hair as you are then disrupting your hair cuticles.You can let your hair partially air dry or start the next step and dry your hair.

4. DO section your hair

When blow drying your hair, make sure to separate the wet hair from the dry — it leads to frizz.  Use hair clips to create tidy sections before you start blow drying or applying product.  Always dry the most stubborn areas like the hairline and fringe first. If you let your hair dry before blown dry, it will be harder to remove the frizz and create smooth results. If your hair tends to get oily, spray a dry shampoo at the scalp right after drying as a preventative measure to absorb oil.

5. DO us an Ionic Blow Dyer  - Kumari Dual Ionic Blow Dryer !:)

Why an Ionic Blow Dryer? Its simple, an ionic blow dryer, on positive Ionic setting compresses the cuticle in your hair to help your hair dry smoothly. Negative Ions help seal and set your hair cuticles so they don't frizz.  Following these steps you will notice that your hair will dry faster.  Make sure you dry your hair 100 percent; any moisture left can create that not so desired FRIZZ look!

6. Style and GO!

Now style your hair with a Titanium based flat iron plates or curling barrels - Kumari Flat Iron and Curling Wand and 5 in 1 Curling Set.
Once your hair is styled a good idea is to apply another dime size pump of your favorite hair oil and run it through your hair, it will seal, protect and give your hair an extra shine and smoothness before you walk out the door!

7. Don't Touch!

Avoid touching your hair throughout the day if you can; this helps prevent any unwanted frizz. When you notice some flyaways and baby hair frizz, take an unused toothbrush, spray with a light hairspray and brush to tame the unruly pieces.

8. Do get CREATIVE!

DO use a tiny bit of hand cream to tame frizz.
Spray Kleenex with hairspray and gently wipe the surface of hair to tame flyaways.  Both tricks work great!

I hope these tips help you provide the TLC your hair NEEDS! 
Have specific questions? Feel free to contact us, and we be happy to help!