About Us

Hi My Gorgeous GODDESS!

Thank you for visiting our site!  
I would love to share with you how KUMARI HAIR came to be:)

This was a passion of mine for a long time now.  Now being a wife and a mother with two beautiful children, I knew it was time to proceed my dream to fulfill the wishes of a womens' desire to feel glamorous, confident and gorgeous EVERYDAY!

To rewind to the past, when it was time to get married and frantically looking for hair extensions or a weave for my wedding events and the wedding day, I was looking everywhere for myself and my bridesmaids.  There was not much selection and the quality was not what I was looking for: thick, luscious and 100% Indian Remy Hair.  
And, on another note, my styling tools at the time, curler and flat iron, did not provide the smooth and shiny look and feel that I always wanted.  The tools would take forever to warm up, and then my hair had breakage and would be dry.

Now being a mom, I wanted to get my hair right!  Clip it, style it and go!  

So, one day I told my husband, "I really think there is a void to be fulfilled for brides and women in general, but, dont know exactly how to go about it", and he turned to me and said "You know exactly what to do, just do it"  So, I set my vision and I designed ROYALTY quality, the BEST!

Finally after years of research and endless testing to getting KUMARI Hair launched, it was time for me to share my brand I worked so hard to create and bring to all my KUMARI GODDESSES!

I decided on the name "Kumari", as it is a family name handed over from our ancestors to every woman in the family.  Kumari originated from the ancient India Sanskirt Kaumarya, meaning " Princess" and "Goddess"  We are all a Princess inside and a true unique GODDESS within.  KUMARI Hair will help you feel this way every time you wear your hair.  
KUMARI Hair is royalty at its finest.  

Our hair is 100% Indian Remy Human Hair.  Our hair is picked out very carefully from the temples of India, the mother land.  Beautiful, thick hair from top to bottom.  We provide you with clip-in hair extensions, tape-in extensions, weaves, ponytails that blend beautifully with your hair to provide the thickness, softness, and the length that you so desire to have.  I know you will LOVE this hair and feel confident in your new KUMARI Hair.  Get Your HAIR ON !:)

My husband and I have worked passionately creating this brand, and know you will see why KUMARI Hair is the true meaning of BEAUTY.  
Both of us coming from different backgrounds, we bring to you a perfect combination of Indian hair ideal for ALL women, ALL hair types, and the styling tools to enhance your look.

You can find us online on all the main social media avenues.

We know our GODDESSES are busy!  So, if you wish to send a picture of your hair to our email or phone, we can provide you color matching services and be in touch with you to fulfill the desire you have:)  

We are professional, with a fabulous look at affordable prices!  Always look out for a discount promo code:) We always have one!



Love you much!