Date Night Hairstyles to Knock His Socks Off

February 01, 2017

Date Night Hairstyles to Knock His Socks Off

So, you've scored a date with your dream guy (or I mean, HE scored because let's be real, you’re fabulous). Now, imagine this scenario: you're freshly showered and smell like you’ve lived at Bath and Body Works, you've laid out your outfit, and your makeup is on point. The final thing you have to worry about is what to do with that unstyled mop of hair.

Start with a Blow-dry

First things first, before we get into the actual hairstyles, you need to blow-dry your hair. Why? Your hair is going to look much smoother (and feel way softer!) if you blow-dry it.

Start with some heat protectant cream by rubbing it between your palms and running it through your hair, focusing on the ends. Try not to get too close to the root or you'll have greasy looking hair-- not cute for a date.

Give your hair a quick comb-through to distribute the product evenly, then pick up that round brush and start blow-drying. The Kumari Hair Ionic Hair Dryer is especially designed to help protect the hair at the pro level. The Negative Ion Setting seals the hair cuticle and provides 100x more negative ions than a regular hair dryer which makes the hair softer and healthier, and minimal static!

To give your hair some movement and volume, alternate between using the round brush and just using your fingers. Make sure your hair is FULLY dry before styling or else it's not going to hold.

Next up is the hairstyle itself. It really depends on your personal style and what you're going for a first date.

Soft, Romantic Wavessoft waves kumari hair

Ahh, the classic Victoria Secret style waves. Effortless yet sexy, this style is always a winner when it comes to impressing your new guy. The key to this look is loose curls, with lots of volume. To get added volume for this look, you're going to want to use some  extensions if your hair isn't particularly long or if there isn't a lot of it. These Goddess clip-in hair extensions from Kumari Hair are perfect for adding some temporary volume without the commitment of permanent hair extensions.

Add these extensions to each layer and then using a larger barrel curling iron (1 1/2" to 2"), wrap the hair around the barrel and hold for 10 seconds. Let the curl go and don't touch it while it curls. Repeat for the rest of your head and then at the end, flip upside down and finger through your hair to separate the waves, creating a soft, sultry look.

Pony Partypony party

If you want to go for something a little more glam, opt for a wavy high ponytail with lots of volume. After curling your hair, you're going to tease the top layer of your hair. This is going to create volume at the root and make it look like more of a fancy pony than an I-just-left-the-gym pony.

You can also add a gorgeous pony tail wrap to step up your ponytail game. These clip-ins are meant for ponytails because after you clip them in, there's a wrap piece that goes around the hair and covers the ponytail elastic...ummm can you say genius?

Straight and Sleekstraight hair

You can never go wrong with pin straight hair. This style has stood the test of time, and it's perfect for a first date because it's low-key but shows off your luscious locks. Lightly spray your hair first with a straightening aid, and then part your hair into sections and  straighten from the top layers to the bottom. Finish with a shine spray to give your hair some extra oomph.

He may become so tempted to touch your hair, you’ll have to remind him to back off with your lady claws or a firm but gentle death stare—whatever your style. Bottom line, you’ll be looking smoking for your date, letting you hold your head high from start to end.

Any of these three hairstyles are going to make you feel gorgeous and give you that major confidence boost. Who needs liquid courage when you’ve got a hot set of locks to pave your way? Now take a deep breath, relax, and remember to be yourself!