Your Dream Guide to Victoria Secret Sexy Waves

January 20, 2017

Your Dream Guide to Victoria Secret Sexy Waves

kumari hair body wave wandYou’ve seen the runway show, you’ve seen the ads and you’ve definitely seen Candice Swanepoel rocking her smokeshow golden locks. When it comes to sex appeal and head-turning hair, Victoria Secret has the ultimate say in what’s hot. Known for blessing their models with effortlessly gorgeous beach waves, they’ve practically invented sexy seaside tresses, inspiring a whole generation of Instagram selfies dedicated to carefully twirled and twisted layers.

So, what’s a wannabe angel to do if she doesn’t have around-the-lock stylists and stunningly windblown hair? Fortunately, we’ve got the lowdown on how to achieve your favorite VS hair.

Skip the Water—Use Dry Shampoo

Sexy waves are meant to have a couple clean-free days, so it looks a bit slept-in. If the strands are too clean, they won’t have enough natural sebum to lock in the moisture you need for shiny, tousled hair.

Instead of your regular shampoo, skip it for a dry shampoo instead. These products contain oil-absorbing agents to minimize grease, while allowing your hair to feel fresh and soft. It creates the perfect texture to start your styling.

Slip in Those Extensions—Become a Goddess

Next, you’ll want to amp up your hair hotness level with extensions. Every goddess does it. The extra bulk will help add your volume to your hair, boosting the intensity and playfulness of your waves. Yes please!

You can find stunning hair extensions designed by Kumari Hair , which specializes in 100% Indian Remy Hair. The strength and durability of the strands lets you create the ultimate Victoria Secret waves. You can flat iron and curl these locks as often as you’d like—they’ll withstand the test of time (good news for gals who obsessively wear them 24/7).

Practice Your Wand Magickumari hair wand

Once you’ve locked in your extensions, it’s time to practice your styling game with your magic wand. Try experimenting with twirling different amounts of hair on the wand to find the right style of waves you desire. As you’re wrapping, you can also change up the direction and tightness of your coils, letting you get a feel for which techniques work best. When you become a full-on wand master, soon all your friends will be begging you to give them the old abracadabra—and viola, perfect sexy waves!

To achieve salon level effects, try the Kumari Hair Royale Rose Gold curling wand or the 5 in 1 curler set. Designed for professional stylists, these high-performing tools create the ideal curl shape, letting you feel like a model on set.

Find a Fabulous Semi-Hold Hairspray

To set in your style, apply a semi-hold hairspray that will protect against frizz and weather. There’s nothing worse than spending thirty minutes scoping for Instagram hair inspiration and another hour on your hair, only to be caught off guard by mother nature in PMS mode. No thank you!

It’s best to choose a hairspray that offers a semi-hold finish. This consistency will give your hair flexibility and flow, while still holding in your style. You’ll be able to tousle your waves flirtatiously like you’re Adriana Lima strutting her legacy on the runway. And best of all, this supple hair texture gives you plenty of touchy-feely benefits in case you get cuddly with a gentleman caller who loves hair—bonus!

Just like any art, practice makes perfect. Try mastering your sexy Victoria Secret waves a few times and pretty soon, you’ll be doing it in your sleep (practically). Here’s to having great hair days, ladies!

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