Worst Things You Can Do To Hair Extensions

April 19, 2017

Worst Things You Can Do To Hair Extensions

Just like any long-term beauty investment, you need to put in the time and care to get great results. With hair extensions especially, you must commit to them, following various rules in order to preserve your queenly tresses. It’s surprisingly easy to neglect your precious faux hair; one hung-over sleep-in or splashy pool party is all it takes to turn your extensions from fair to frazzled. To avoid these catastrophes, beware of these top worst things you can to do hair extensions.

Brush wet hair don’t you dare

hair extension hair careYou can gently wash your hair and extensions but do not brush your hair while it’s wet.  The brushing and combing might pull out your extension or loosen the bond. Plus, you can stretch and damage the strands of hair with the brush’s tugging motion since the hairs are weaker when wet.




It’s bedtime! Make sure your hair is dryhair extensions kumari hair

Never sleep with wet hair-- even on your laziest evenings! Wait for you hair to be fully dry. Once your hair extensions are ready for bed, you can style it in a braid, a loose ponytail and then wrap it in a silk scarf. The silk slides along the pillowcase smoothly, so you don’t have to worry about hair breakage while you toss and turn overnight. Sweet dreams, babe!




Put the Scissors down, I repeat put the scissors down!kumari hair extensions

Sometimes you’re dying for a tiny adjustment: “Just one little snip or trim there.” No stop! Don’t do it! Only a professional stylist has the correct tools and techniques to cut your hair in a manner that protects the strands and prevents split ends. You may also accidentally butcher your layers, leaving you with a tacky and uneven look that you’ll never take out. So, unless you’re trained in the art of hair-cutting, leave this job to the experts. Have patience!

You can have too much of a good thing

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