Why You Need An Ionic Hair Dryer

May 12, 2017

Why You Need An Ionic Hair Dryer

While volume is often the name of the hair game, it's not always the end game. Sometimes we want a smooth, sleek finish to top off a high-gloss look. If this is what you're going for, you're going to want your special tool: a negative ion hairdryer.

Why negative ions?

By now, you've probably read an article or two about ionic hairdryers. It gets confusing when you read about positive, negative ionic dryers. Some of us barely made it out of high school chemistry. Never did we think we'd need those lectures for a Friday night out with the girls. So, let's put it this way: an ionic hair dryer, specifically a negative ionic hair dryer, dries your hair faster and seals off your hair at the base of the shaft, creating a sleeker, shinier look. Regular hair dryers are as good as sticking your head in the dryer with the rest of your clothes. They just suck out the water.

With a negative ionic hair dryer, you're going to smooth out those tresses, dry your hair in record time - so you can enjoy those martinis a little sooner - and prevent the inevitable frizz that can happen, even on a good day.  

kumari Hair ionic blow dryer

Shiny hair in no time!

Tired of puffy blow-dried hair? If you have trouble controlling that wild forest growing on your head, a blow dryer with negative ions will improve your hair’s texture. Since this type of heat is much gentler on your hair during styling, it offers a shinier and less fuzzy finish.

It also enables the hair to endure much higher levels of heat without creating damage. This is good news for ladies who spend extra blow-drying time to create bouncy, voluminous hair. And to top it all off, ionic technology can dry your hair much faster. You can be girl’s-night-ready in 10 min, but actually mean it.

How to use it best

The negative ions enhance the results of your hair products. So, if you’re a sucker for smoothing serums or glossy finishers, the negative ions will neutralize fly-aways and maximize the effects of your hair treatments. It essentially helps your conditioning products work better.

You’ll be left with a sleek, touchable blowout that you’ll itch to take out on the town. You’ll be tempted to fluff and toss it around everywhere-- even if hair flipping is so 1999, when your hair looks this good, it’s acceptable in any decade!

Rose Gold Ionic Styler

One of the leading blowdryers in ionic technology is the 1875 watt Salon level Rose Gold hair dryer by KUMARI HAIR. It features a long lasting motor that gives you the power of multiple hair dryers in ONE! The Positive Ion Setting opens the hair cuticle when the air blows through, offering deeper drying penetration, while the Negative Ion Setting seals the hair cuticle. It also provides 100x more negative ions than a regular dryer, making the hair softer and healthier-- plus minimal static!

If you really want to simplify your life into a one stop shop, pair your ionic dryer with a ceramic brush. Top off the look with a few slow swipes through your straightener, paint those lips red, slip on those heels and dance this Friday night away. You won't regret the investment and you'll never grow weary of the compliments that are most definitely headed your way. Happy styling, ladies!

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