Valentine Hair Ideas to Knock his Socks Off

February 10, 2017

Valentine Hair Ideas to Knock his Socks Off

For some girls, V Day means being mushy and googly-eyed, while for others, it's the time to look as hot as possible. If you're someone who loves dolling up, you'll want to pull out all the stops. So this year, give your man some serious eye candy with a hot new lipstick, push-up bra and of course, hair extensions! As every babe knows, or should, long tresses unlocks a man’s primal passion instinct, making him feel overcome by desire. Want to unleash the fire? Here are some gorgeous long hair ideas to try this Valentine’s Day.

Chic primadonna Kumari Hair high bun

For the classy sophisticate, a high bun always does the job. Sitting high and full on the head, it gives you both height and stature, making you feel extra dominatrix (in case you're a lady in the street but a freak in the sheets)...

To ace this look, you'll need to use an extra hold hairspray. Any loose hairs or frizzies ruin the sleekness of the style. Go strict or go home!

“I woke up like this” hotness

kumari hairOkay, so maybe you didn't actually wake up with softly wind-blown angelic hair. But no problem! Fake it until you make it, right? To create the illusion of effortlessly sexy locks, you'll want to create loose waves with lots of teasing on top.

The rose gold flat iron by KUMARI HAIR will create soft curls while retaining your hair’s moisture. Just make sure to only wrap each piece of hair around the barrel once to keep the curls loose. When you're done, slather on some foundation, hop back into bed and snap a photo with the following caption, “#nomakeup #wokeuplikethis #nofiler.” The BF won't know the difference!

Party hardy with body

kumari hairBig beautiful waves are always a hit with guys. The flow and dimensionality of the hair is utterly romantic and sensual-- plus it tends to be more flattering on your features! To dramatize this look, take your front layers and sweep them over to one side, creating a dynamic effect.

If you're stuck with mid-length hair, then you're in need of extensions, babe. KUMARI HAIR designs super long versions, made with 100% real Indian remy hair, the best quality in the world. Lock them in to intensify your hair's movement, making his eye’s (and zipper) pop in seconds!

Braided beauty

Bored with the same old look? We get it. Change up the story with something he'll never expect. There's nothing like a refreshing hair switch-up to get his desire flowing.

A huge side braid, beginning at the top of your head, offers a funky yet feminine vibe. The style looks even better if you've got highlights, which add to the decorative effect of the braid. Finish by rubbing the ends with some leave-in conditioner, so your braid stays fresh all night long!

Come-here pony

kumari hair ponytailFlirty gals wear their hair in high ponies. Just ask Ariana Grande as she's shaking her tush and giant broom of mane on stage. Channel your inner diva with an alluringly long ponytail. It's fun to rock, but also delightfully girlie, creating that raw female energy he can't ignore.

You can bulk up your pony with the KUMARI HAIR wrap to give it more flair. The base remains completely invisible for a natural result he'll crave to touch. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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