Top 5 Instagram Hairstyles for Summer 2017

May 03, 2017

Top 5 Instagram Hairstyles for Summer 2017

Hair today, gone tomorrow; that’s the beauty of extensions. Giving you the power to change up your look when you want, where you want, the beauty trend has taken on a life on its own. And for good reason. Adding life, volume and body to even the most tired of looks, hair extensions are the playful beauty trend for turning more heads.

Need ideas to unlock your next perfect hairstyle? Instagram is here for you. Serving up some of the best extension looks on a platter, the social network is a goldmine of hairstyle goodies. Notepads ready ladies; these Instagram looks will inspire your next hairdo.

Half Up, Half Downhalf up half down kumari hair

Find it hard to make decisions? The half up, half down look gives you the best of both worlds! Incorporating ombre extensions, messy braids and oh-so effortless waves, this look is tailor made for any occasion. Need to nip straight to an event after work? No sweat. Full bodied and loaded with luxe volume, this is the extension look to take you straight from day to night, no adjustment needed.


 Braided Beauty

Is there any hair emergency that braids can’t fix? Thought not. Adding in thickness and body, the style is as laid back as you like, finishing off any kind of summer look. Double dipping on the style scale, this hairstyle packs in a double plait for the price of one. Giving the up-do a whole new name, this boosted braid is all you need for your beauty lookbook this season. Who said swept-back hair had to be uptight?




Full Bodied Fish Tail

Mermaid locks needn’t be wishy-washy. Packing a serious floral punch, this intricate ‘do is what extensions were made for, showing off the locks in their best light. Finished off with a raw, textured look, the hairstyle is loose and laidback, bringing a little cool to even the most formal of occasions. Long, sweeping and luxurious, this hairstyle is one for your scrapbooks.

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Half Plaited Pony

With extensions at your fingertips, deciding between two different looks can become a thing of the past! Twisting plait and pony into one perfect ‘do, this look is practically perfect in every way. Undone and just a little messy, the hairstyle will finish off any kind of occasion wear, making your locks the life and soul of the party. There’s good reason to let it all go to your head.



 Waterfall Waves

Sometimes, it’s all about keeping things simple. Pulling your extensions into complicated up-dos can be a whole lot of fun, but often, it’s best to go the natural route. Adding a little oomph to your extensions with loose waves will take your hair to the next level. Spritz in a little texture spray, pin back loose tendrils and let your locks do the talking.

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