Summer Bachelorette Party Hairstyles

July 14, 2017

Summer Bachelorette Party Hairstyles

Magic Mike is in for a doozy when faced with an army of stylish Bachelorette goers. Wooo! Whether you're drinking Dom at Toronto’s hottest rooftop patios or partying like a rockstar at the top Las Vegas nightclubs, you can feel like a gem donning the sexiest hairstyles of the season. Besides, every responsible lady at a Bachelorette should have a good bed on her shoulders, especially on this holiest of wild weekends! Let's look at the top summer hairstyles to show off at your summer Bachelorette party!

The Messy Ponytail

The messy ponytail achieves a couple things. First, your sweeping strands are off your face and neck. Second, with the messy tail, you avoid any chance of looking like you’re headed to the gym after last call. Finally, they call for volume and lots of it. If diamonds ever cease to be a girl’s best friend, volume is just waiting to take its place.

Best of all, this look is easy to copy. Lightly spritz your tresses, pump in a healthy dose of mousse, scrunch, and tease. Gather your hair into a high tail, secure it loosely in place, and gently tug on those areas just in front of the crown so they can come out to play. When you feel good about it all, take one strand - about a quarter-inch in width - wrap it around your hair tie, and lock it into place with a bobby pin underneath. Easy, delightful, and right on trend.

Super Sleek

It’s likely that waves will never leave the building but, oftentimes, they boot sleek hair right out the window. This summer, sleek hair is not having it. It’s back and it means business - party business. So, start digging around for that hair straightener, flat brush, and ionic hairdryer. It all begins with freshly washed hair.

After some good conditioning, the other key ingredient is dedicated blow dry time. Work your way through each section, blow drying slowly and steadily. Once you’ve gotten there - and rested your arms - warm up the hair straightener and prepare for the same slow dance.

You can use the Rose Gold straightener by KUMARI hair, which uses a titanium surface to create shiny, smooth sleekness.  Your ends will be as straight as a pin. It’ll be nice to run your hands through this pillow soft delight.

Tiny Twists

This right here is your steamy summer night affair. If you like a good middle part, you’ll feel amazing in this style. It’s so easy, too. Start by pulling your hair into a low ponytail. Loosely secure it in place with a hair tie or a clip. Make quick twists on each side - effortless is key - securing them at the base with a bobby pin.

Finally, pull your hair into, you guessed it, a messy bun. Couldn’t be easier, right? When you’re done, get that bronzer out, add a low-key cat eye, sweep on some sheer raspberry gloss. Yet, on second thought, if you tend to be the kissiest wildcat of the group, better go for a lip stain--it's less messy...

Be Slick

Have you ever wondered about the slicked back look? Maybe you shrugged it off because it sometimes looks just plain greasy? You just need to learn how to do it right! So if you're looking to step outside your comfort zone for the bachelorette week (in more ways than one), start with, this sexy cool hairstyle!

Begin by washing your hair. Smooth some mousse through the roots. Don’t hit the ends. Stop about crown-level. Then, take a wide-tooth comb and comb all the way through as it dries. While you sip your chablis, things will set right into place.

Because this is more of a daring look, go deep with that cat eye. Don’t be afraid to wing out in big, thick lines. Focus all your attention on the eyes, sweep a matte shade of nude on your lips, and hit those streets!

For short-haired girls who want to achieve this chic style, you can use real human hair extensions by KUMARI. In seconds, you'll have flawlessly long, soft locks--perfect for creating this high-fashion look.

Braided Bun

Top knots and braids are still going strong. With their upscale vibe and queenly status, you'll be a hot showstopper at the Bachelorette Party--alongside the bride-to-be, of course.

To design this hairstyle, just sweep your hair up in a loose bun, but only wrap half your hair into the bun. Secure that in place with a hair tie. Next, with the remaining hair, create a braid and wrap it neatly around your loose bun. Wherever it ends, discreetly tuck another bobby pin or two in place, and you're good to go!

If you need some extra volume in your bun, you can use the clip in extensions by KUMAR hair to pump up that dome of hair-- goddess style!

You can then step out with your snobbishly sky-high stilettos and rock your crown-shaped bun like a queen. Just don't trip, lest you risk ruining your royal catwalk among your fellow ladies--embarrassing much? That's one way to kill the smoke in your group’s fire. So, stay sharp, poised and most definitely, well-styled!


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