Stunning Hairstyle to Match Your Personality

February 17, 2017

Stunning Hairstyle to Match Your Personality

Our hair is like an extension of ourselves. Sound shallow? Perhaps, but think about it: the vibe your hair creates truly is in tune with your personality. From bouncy to boring or flirty to chic, your hair silently tells the story of who you are. The same logic applies to all those times you ever went to a party hating your hairstyle, letting it suck the life out your mood-- depending on how dramatic you are, of course. Yet, the fact remains, your hairstyle is strongly in sync with your personality and for this reason, you should be rocking a do that compliments it! Here are some looks to try according to your personality.

The princess

Any girl who wears an invisible tiara on her head is someone who must have killer hair. She's a babe who demands respect wherever she goes, has great taste and wants to be pampered at any venue she graces. A royal head like this one deserves to be crowned with long, beautiful locks as far as the eye can see.

Choose a gorgeously long ponytail to dazzle up any grand entrance. The wrap pony extensions by KUMARI HAIR will give your hair more bulk and shine, so when you turn your back on your lowly subjects, they'll gravel at your feet-- or just ask for your stylist...

The laid back cat

Want to look effortlessly hot? Who doesn't? If you're the type of gal who drinks orange juice from the box and thinks calories are for chumps, you need a hairstyle that's as chilled out as you. It should be a look that says you're feminine and trendy yet not high-maintenance enough to fuss about every strand-- god forbid!

A lazy version of the princess ponytail will suit you just right. Leave it delightfully messy with a few wisps left hanging around your face as a cute accent. It's low-maintenance a la chic!

The attention-brat

Whether you're a tease or just crave all eyes on you, your hairstyle should scream “centrepiece”!!!

You're the kind of girl who's not afraid to speak her mind, especially when it's on You Tube with one million subscribers-- and counting. Your perfect hairstyle is unapologetically long and bold. We're talking about massive body and waves with cascading layers to complement that big mouth of yours. Sorry but accurate!

To punch up the impact, you can tease the top of your roots with a comb and spray in place. The extra dose of volume will make your hair an epic attention-magnet. Now the night is yours!

The diva

A hard-core diva is a powerful trendsetter and public figure. If this sounds like your attitude, your perfect hairstyle is something that's clearly unique but also celebratory of your colorful personality. This season, a luscious red hue offers a refreshing break from all the pastel hair we've been seeing. It also lets you make you be a fierce experimentalist when it comes to hair.

Push the boundaries even more by creating juicy curls to be seen from miles away. The KUMARI HAIR rose gold styling set offers 5 heating barrels, letting you customize your curl size and style. It's a go-to for every diva with an uncontrollable hair addiction.

The classic babe

Demure and tasteful, a classic babe likes things understated yet still beautiful. Embrace your features with some flattering layers, while keeping the ends on the shorter side to keep your tresses looking healthy and clean. The ideal length may rest at your collar bones, making it long enough to be feminine but short enough to pass off as professional. And don't forget to massage the ends with a natural oil-based hair moisturizer, helping you maintain the luxe look of your locks.

Match your hair with your personality to feel fully like yourself. When you're true to your style from head to toe, you'll feel more comfortable in your own skin, motivating you to take the world by storm in your own special way. Love your hair and live it, girl!

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