Seductive Hair Ideas to Make His Eyes Pop

February 14, 2017

Seductive Hair Ideas to Make His Eyes Pop

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but on Valentine’s Day, it’s time to pull out the big guns— sexy hair! Known for its magical attraction powers, hair is your secret weapon when it comes to winning over your Valentine. So, get out the hairspray and your hot irons, your ultimate tools of seduction, to create your jaw-dropping hairdo for your big date. Take a look at these hot hairstyles to rock this Valentine’s Day.

Hollywood waves

Make your entrance a red carpet one with classic Hollywood waves. Evoking the glam of old school starlets like Marilyn Monroe, it gives you that traditional womanly allure that men love. Rock this style with a sensual low-cut blouse or little black dress to send him off the wall. You can also add a bit of shimmery hair serum to smooth out the hair shaft, creating a soft and sensual look.

All-out wild curls

Let your hair be as free as your spirit. These uber glam curls will show him the lively lady that you are. Combine this hairdo with lavish lashes to intensify your style, leaving him utterly powerless to your female charms. 

To accentuate your already lavish hair you can add a few rows of Kumari Hair clip in hair extensions. Great for that little extra volume that takes you from Beyonce to Sasha Fierce. Although, who can tell the difference between the two now? 

Flirty blowout

For the shameless flirt, a big blowout is the best way to say, “Hey there, baby!” This Valentine’s Day, give him an eye full with tousled, fluffy hair. It offers a romantic vibe for a classic couple’s night out.

To get the best results, you can use the KUMARI HAIR blow dryer, which uses negative ions to protect your hair from damage. Remember, there’s nothing erotic about frizz!

Long loving layers

Love your hair (and your man) with a sensual set of long layers. As they frame the face, they draw more attention to your eyes, making you the center of his attention. When getting layers, ask your stylist to start the shortest ones just below the jaw line to create the most body for the hair. You can accentuate this effect by teasing the roots, adding more oomph and style.

If you don’t have the hair volume to rock these layers, go order a premium set of weaves. KUMARI HAIR makes weaves derived from 100% real Indian Remi hair, giving you an authentic result that’ll turn heads instantly.

Romantic side twist

Remind him that magical princesses don’t just exist in fairy tales. Be his fair maiden with this side twist to appear sweet and feminine. Complete the look with a flowy dress or skirt and high wedges. Then just dab on your berry red lipstick for that extra punch of sexiness he’ll die to have. He’ll love the unpredictable combination of girliness and hotness wrapped up all together in one loveable package.

This Valentine’s Day turn up the romance with beautiful tresses.  Every girl deserves to feel like royalty and what better way to shine than by dolling up the natural crown you were born with? Make it happen and watch him swoon.

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