Runway Trend Alert: Long Hair

February 08, 2017

Runway Trend Alert: Long Hair

For long-haired girls who love changing their hairstyle as quickly as their mood, new hair trends are as addictive as nude lipstick. Whether you’re a die-hard extension junkie or an obsessive hair fiddler, there’s always tons of new styles to try. So, instead of devouring Pinterest for ideas, check out these stunning looks to sexify your long locks!


Bottom Waves

kumari hair wavesInstead of fussing tirelessly over your roots, send your love to the ends. Why? Fortunately, for this type of look, you don’t need to go all out. You simply need to twirl the ends, creating a flirty effect without stressing over every bang and strand. It’s essentially an easy-going combination of low-effort and glam, making it simple enough to rock at work but cute enough for girl’s night out. 

You can use the Rose Gold curling iron by KUMARI HAIR to get the softest-looking curls. The iron is made with a titanium barrel, which helps minimize damage, letting you enjoy healthy light-reflecting hair.



kumari hair khalessi inspired hair

You don’t need a trio of dragons to rock this hair, but it may help if you’ve got Khaleesi’s hard-core attitude. It’s both feminine yet decorative, making you feel queenly, even if you’re simply headed out for Starbucks #fabulousalways. To achieve this style, grab a section of hair from each side (as you would with a half ponytail) and divide them into three pieces, braiding  both sides toward the back of your head.

When finished, use pins to seamlessly lock the braids in places and let the extra hair fall elegantly down with the rest of your tresses. Finish off this look by walking around like you’re always wearing an invisible crown….


Straight and Sleekkumari hair straight and sleek

If you’re a posh lady who loves everything to fall into place, straight hair is your calling. It’s easy to manage and even easier to flip around—the only thing you need to worry about is getting it pin-straight. You may use the KUMARI HAIR Rose Gold flat iron, which features powerful negative ions, allowing for long lasting beautiful, liquid hair—and no FRIZZ! Rock this hairstyle with your naughtiest little black dress and you’ve nailed it!



Sex Machine Hair

kumari hair sex machine hair lookWhether you’re a closeted minx or an openly flirtatious sexpot, bedside curls are meant to be yours. Known for their youthful and attention-grabbing appeal, there’s no better feeling than strutting around your favorite hotspot with the longest, cutest curls around.

To get more body, slightly tease the top of your hair. Then, turn your head upside down and cover with hairspray, moving your fingers around the roots to fluff up the hair. Whip your hair upside again and tell your mirror, “your welcome” for gracing it with your presence.


Effortless Babe

kumari hair effortless babe For those in-between hair days, semi-straight hair can be effortlessly hot. Even better with layers, this style enhances your face-framing pieces to compliment your features. To get the full impact, you’ll want your locks to achieve diva-level lengths. This is where extensions are your savior, giving your hair the full power and oomph it deserves.

The KUMARI HAIR extensions are made with real 100% Indian Remy Hair. They flawlessly blend with your own hair to create a natural effect that’ll keep your confidence soaring all night long.


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