Popular Hair Color Trends for 2017

February 22, 2017

Popular Hair Color Trends for 2017

Why rock basic hair when you can show off a melody of pastel colors streaming through your locks? This season, pastel hair dye is all the rage! A trend largely modelled by celebs like Kylie Jenner and Katie Perry, pastel tresses are a playful way to sex up your hair. From aqua blue to pale lime, color-addicts are going wild with all different versions of this trend. 

Color blends

Why stay loyal to just one color when you can have non-committal relationships witkumari hair color pastelh tons? Be a player with your hair by revealing a mosaic of hues like this babe’s hair with silvery purple, green and blue. The model shows off her hairdo with elegant layers and lets her flowing waves pour down softly.

The style enhances the dynamic nature of the colors, making the hair appear more lively and captivating. Although this look is not for the faint-hearted, it’s definitely worth a try if you’re a free-spirit who loves turning heads.

Pop of Pastel

Go all out with a blast of solid pastel color. This model goes entirely pastel purple, letting the color speak for itself without looking back. She sports her gorgeous color with a pro blowout, creating movement for her cute bob. Wear this style with solid color shirts or dresses (no patterns) to keep the color the central statement.

Peach Princess

Drop jaws wherever you go with stunning fairy-tale hair. You can embrace your inner peach princess, combining a touch of rose and gold to create an ethereal glow. It’s mythic hair made real, so you can feel like goddess every time you walk out the door. Very few colors can compete with this game-changing look. Prepare to shake up the Instagram world!

Smoking Silverysilver hair kumari hair

Who said silver was just for old folks? When it comes to color, silver is the new blonde—fun included. With its trendy vibe and shimmery sheen, it makes a memorable statement wherever you go. It also offers a refreshing change if you tend to get bored with your hair color easily.

Make your new seasonal changes with glorious silver locks! This model nails this style by tying her hair into a chic braids—and viola, a hair masterpiece is created!

Fabled Mermaid 

mermaid hair kumari hairYou can part seas with this luxurious mermaid hair. Perfect for girls who already have pale blonde tresses, you can progress to this magnificent teal as the grand result. The model’s perfect mermaid color is captures the heart of the ocean with her subtle waves, adding shine and sensuality to the texture.

Ultimately, it takes rock-hard confidence to sport such a stare-worthy color. Yet if you’re a color-hungry experimentalist who never shies away from anything, feel free to dive into the blue!


If you want to try something new and unexpected, find a stylist who will work with you to pick the right shade of pastel. They’ll discuss your hair goals and ideas to make sure you achieve the transformation of your dreams.

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