March Break Hairstyles to Rock Out

March 08, 2017

March Break Hairstyles to Rock Out

Ditch the duties, your worries and your clothes because spring break is around the corner! Yes, you heard it! As the most wild week of the year, it's your chance to focus on some of the more important things in life: swim suits and hairstyles, and for others, working on your happy hour every hour. Sounds good? So, if you haven't already planned out some cute new bikinis outfits and hairstyles, you're not ready for showtime. You might as well stay at home! But for those life-loving gals who want to make the most of their valuable yet semi-sober party week, get on board with these hot hair looks.

Dolly curls

You might be surprised to learn that loose waves are not the only “it girl” in town. As shown on the spring runways, tight curls are making a huge comeback! We're talking bouncy, springy curls-- Shirley Temple style. Not only are they ridiculously cute, but they add movement and flavor to your hair!

If you can't create ringlets naturally with the blow dryer, use a curling wand. The KUMARI HAIR Rose Gold version is made with titanium steel to create smooth and shiny curls each time.

Flirty Fish braid

kumari hair extensions

Think of them as the drunken braid-- the fish braid is its funky party version! Perfectly appropriate for a day of music worshipping and a night of beach fumbles, this cool hairstyle will feel right at home.

You can arrange you fish braid in a variety of cool ways. For a girlish look, you can create a side pony style or if you prefer something a little more unique, you can design random fish braids throughout your hair. Get creative!

Hot mess bun

hair extensionsTripping along the beach and slurring your words can be passed off as adorable with the right hair. Fortunately, the hot mess bun will do just that! It will let you look chaotically cute, tricking people into excusing your ditzy moments.

So you forgot his name? Forgot your ID? No problem! Your hot mess bun will get you out of any jam.

Short is the new sexyshort bob hair

Take some cues from Swift and Jenner for some short hair inspiration. Stopping right above the shoulders, your locks can look fresh and healthy with a generous cut. Sometimes a drastic change encourages a new you-- and what better way to explore your alter ego than on Spring break? Time for some freaky Friday!

If you're worried about chopping your tresses, you can always keep a pair of extensions. KUMARI HAIR designs goddess-length versions, giving you inches and inches of real hair. Now, you can get the best of both worlds, short and long-- princesses shouldn't have to choose!

Silver slay girlhair clip in extensions

You don't need a family of dragons to rock Daenerys’ silver hair. Whether your life is a game of thrones or you prefer to keep things simple, this glamorous hair color will work for all types of personalities.

Match it with false lashes and a set of pouty matte lips to give your look some edge. Finally, make sure to always use a moisturizing serum like argan oil to prevent your silver locks from getting granny-ish. You don't want to look 23 from the front and 80 from behind-- you'll cut your man candy prospects in half! Boo!

Okay? Have fun at spring break, ladies!

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