Lovely Hairstyles for Wine Tasting

April 26, 2017

Lovely Hairstyles for Wine Tasting

For the cultured fashionista, wine tasting is a staple in every girl’s summertime bucket list. And as we all know, half the experience is looking adorable-- manicured nails, the big floppy hat-- you get the picture. Yet, above all, you can’t forget about one of the biggest beauty priorities for your wine event-- your hair!  Wine tasting feels much less luxurious when you’re struggling with unruly bangs and flyaways in your face. To preserve your fancy reputation, need to curate a look that cooperates well for both the weather and your camera. Find your hairspiration with these gorgeous styles fit for the most flush wineries.  

Sexy side sweep

Want to look ravishingly wind-blown at all times? Side swept hair will give you that babe-a-licious vibe while you’re busy comparing your Pinots to your Cab Savs! So, if you ever wanted your Victoria Secret pose moment, this hairstyle will make you feel like an angel-- move aside Kendall. Now, sip up ladies!

You can add extra bounce to this look by making big curls at the ends. Use the Rose Gold Wand by KUMARI to achieve soft, touchable curls, perfect for runway glamor.

Fishtail ponyfishtail hairstyle

A high-up fishtail pony is a funky way to dazzle at your next wine tasting event.  Making you just as adorable from the back as the front, you can enjoy extra photo-taking opportunities from all angles! It also offers a refreshing twist on the typical low fishtail pony, which doesn’t command the same attention-grabbing glam.

Since you probably can’t create a high-up fishtail on your own (because you’re not a hair genie),  ask girlfriend to help you out. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Silver serenity

The vineyard just got a little more beautiful-- that is, with you and your stunning silver hair!  As one of the hottest trends of the season, you’ll look chic while pretending to be a “serious” wine connoisseur. Use a shimmering glaze on your locks to enhance the shiny effect in the sunlight. Forget wine and cheese; silver hair and wine-- now, that’s a good pairing!

Princess twirls

If you’ve ever considered styling cues from the noble ladies of “Game of Thrones”, you’ve likely started with their dreamy, decorative hairdos. These ladies definitely know how to make an entrance! As with most women from historical fantasies, their hairstyles are always long, flowing and intricately designed. What better way to feel like a royal powerhouse at a grand Estate winery?

You can feel like one of the high society ladies with this romantic hairstyle, featuring a narrow braid wrapped around silky soft waves. To reach princess-lengths of hair, you can always get some help from extensions. KUMARI HAIR offers real human hair, derived from the temples of India, to deliver the highest quality inches.

Jump on the headband trend

Blair Waldorf may have become a forgotten legend, but her famous hair bands have come back with a vengeance. As one of the biggest accessory trends of the summer, it’s only appropriate to sport one among a crowd of upscale wine lovers. It creates a sweet, feminine vibe while also strengthening your status as a fashion ruler, in case your lady crew and Insta followers didn’t already know. Plus, it doesn’t hurt when you’re six glasses in, completely buzzed, and can still pass off as ladylike! Bonus!

KUMARI HAIR designs braided hair bands with real Indian Remy hair, letting you create all sorts of amazing hairstyles with this neat little accessory.

Let’s raise a glass to great hair! Cheers!

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