How to Protect Your Hair Extensions at Your Next Music Festival

April 21, 2017

How to Protect Your Hair Extensions at Your Next Music Festival

Throw your hands in the air for a whirlwind of summer beats, top DJs, and of course, hair extensions! In truth, hair extensions are your lifeline when parading through a music festival like a babe. But wait--there’s a drawback! As any dedicated EDM junkie knows, partying in the sun all day takes a toll on your looks, especially your hair extensions. While you dance,prance and frolic around, your hair extensions can suffer some serious casualties, frizz and knots in particular, turning them into a lousy wingwoman.  Fortunately, you can salvage your prized mane by taking some responsible steps to protecting your precious beauty investment.

Anti-humidity spray is your bestie

Hair extensions lose their luster if they’re morphing into a poof ball in the heat. In this case, an anti-humidity hair spray will come in handy, helping to keep those fly-aways at bay. Just make sure to avoid using an excessive amount of product with real human hair. Like your own hair, it can accumulate buildup from too much chemical residue. So, to keep your locks looking fresh, take a less-is-more approach with products.

Opt for a side ponytailside ponytail

Although a down-do can be wildly sexy, especially for the raving party girl, it exposes your hair to body sweat. Gross, right? As you’re moving around all day, your ends will absorb moisture from your back and neck, giving them a detestable oily appearance. The solution? A side ponytail! The hair cleverly rests over your shoulder, away from your cute but sweaty spots. Plus, since we all know you can’t wash your extensions too often, it’s smarter to prevent grease in the first place.

Try a dry shampoo

Dry shampoos have been increasing in popularity, adored for their oil-absorbing powers. With just a few sprays of this powdery substance, it makes dirty hair look fresh instantly. Yet, like most products, it’s possible to abuse too much of a good thing. If you overuse dry shampoo, your hair extensions will become weighed down and dull. Use sparingly and only if you’re in a desperate need of a quick hair solution.

Remove if things “heat up”

We’re not just talking about the weather--  romance at music festivals can get pretty hot too! When you’re caught up in an intimate episode, your hair extensions will become an unhappy third wheel. Without the awkwardness of details, we can all figure out what happens to extensions that get crammed in the middle of a love tussle-- yup, it’s frizz central!  

Give your extensions the respect they deserve by removing them.  Just because sparks are flying, doesn’t mean your hairs have to.

Always store with carestorage bag

When removing your hair extensions (oh my), you must be a responsible caregiver and keep them protected. If you’re absent-minded, and impulsively leave them in any random spot, they’re exposed to virtually anything: cigarettes, beverages, you name it! Surely, you love your hair extensions too much to risk their cleanliness-- and dignity.

They deserve to be properly stored away, sealed in a safe bag such as the hair carrier by KUMARI. It’s perfectly designed to keep your beautiful hair fresh and free of any tangles.

Follow all of these hair safety rules while enjoying the surge of 24/7 sound vibrations. As you go from daytime parties to evening blowouts, your next music festival will be a lot more forgiving on your hair extensions. You won’t be sorry when you’re staring up at the shining lights and crazy crowd, knowing that you’re among the rare few to own a good hair day-- and in the least probable place too!

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