How to Protect Your Hair at the Beach

June 07, 2017

How to Protect Your Hair at the Beach

Since the beach is your rightful kingdom, you must rule in style. So naturally, you should ensure that your crown of hair is designed just right! Because no matter how beautifully bronzed you get, there's nothing worship-worthy about a frazzled mop of hair. But, for most of us lowly mortals, bombshell hair on the beach is more of a fantasy than a reality. With the humid air, sandy wind and the worst nightmare of all, seagull goodies from the sky, we are pretty much doomed! Or maybe not. If you face your beach troubles head-on (literally), you can keep fresh-looking locks all day long with these 5 tips.

Anti-humidity hairspray

Many of you ladies use hairspray, but rarely have the time and patience to choose the right one. There are tons of formulas out there designed to achieve different levels of hold. If you tend to have wild-thang hair, you’ll want to go for a super-hold hairspray; your hair texture will be stiff and rough, but at least controlled. On the other hand, if you’ve got medium crazy hair, you can get away with a lighter spray. It’ll keep more of your natural texture, but you’ll only get a subtle amount of hold. Use the formula that’s right for you, and you can be carefree and play beach volleyball with Insta hot hair all day!

Arrive with it freshly washed

Worried about sweaty sun-soaked hair? Gross, right? There are few things more cringe-causing than oily tresses. Yet, when you’re frolicking or tanning on the beach, it can be next to impossible to keep your hair fresh and fruity (smelling). If you want to achieve something close to clean hair at the beach, your best bet is to wash it right beforehand. Many of you think this method is a time-waster, because you’ll be sweating anyway, but it’s not the case if you want your hair to stay hygienic at the beach.

Fake it while you bake it

For the babe with zero patience but needs 10/10 maintenance, faux hair is a great way to ace your styling needs. In no time, you can have healthy,  flowing tresses that seem almost invincible to the humidity. So, while you're cooking your buns out in the sun, you won’t have to worry about hair frizzies too!

When you make your grand beach entrance, choose extensions made with real human hair. Indian KUMARI HAIR designs versions that are seen with authentic Indian Remy hair, the highest quality in the world, giving you superwoman locks in no time!

Go pony!

Want to look high-fashion and fresh at the beach? A ponytail is your best solution! Simple and practical, it keeps your hair out of your face while you're busy tanning and scoping out the hotties.

And best of all, ponytails are one of the easiest ways to keep your hair tidy without having to be too fussy about your styling technique.

If you want it to look especially chic, you can create a high pony, which gives you more height and prestige. You can use the wrap ponytail by KUMARI HAIR to get the uber long effect you've always dreamed of. It's a real game-changer! Just don't forget the hairspray to keep those flyaways tame and all those beach-boy eyes on you!

Use these tips to achieve your dream seaside hair in any weather-- except maybe full-on rain.  And if you accidentally end up tripping and falling head-deep into the ocean, you can at least rock cool salt water hair. The sun will dry your wet hair, leaving you with soft, sensual waves.

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