How to Make Your Weaves Look Super Sexy

July 07, 2017

How to Make Your Weaves Look Super Sexy

Summer’s here and we all want to make sure our weaves are up to the task. Before you get to styling, there are two hair care tips we’d like to point out. After that, you’ll be poised to style those babies into some of Summer 2017’s hottest looks. Let’s get right to it.

Tip One: Detangle

You never have to let the battle against the matted hair piece win. You only need two tools to ensure victory: a wide tooth comb and a spritz bottle. Start by sectioning off your hair, spritz a little bit of water throughout, take your wide tooth comb, and work your way through each section - from bottom to top. Depending on how often you comb through your weave, it might take a little bit of time to work through each section. It wouldn’t hurt a thing to have that glass of moscato by your side when your arms needs a rest. As our grannies used to say, “Pain is beauty.”

Tip Two: Deep Condition

Real or synthetic hair, don’t care. Whether they’re glued in or you can sew them in and out as you please, at some point you’re going to have to deep condition. Avoid this at your own risk, ladies. Deep conditioning totally extends the life of the weave. First, rinse them with warm water. Then, let them air dry a little. Saturate the strands with a moisture-based conditioner and pick up your wide tooth comb again to evenly distribute. By the time you’re done, the shine on those babies will be top shelf.

Then, Wave On, Weaves!

Once you’ve completed both of those steps, try some sexy waves. Waves are always going to be a weave’s best friend because they help blend everything smoothly. When we get into the sleek bob below, you have to be far more careful that no one sees those track lines. But, with waves, you can get as sleek or as sassy as you want.


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Sleek Bob

The bob comes and goes. This summer, it’s definitely ON. The bob is known for its flair for the dramatic. Like anything else that’s high maintenance, you have to position these weaves with precision. Make sure you don’t see the line where you sewed, clipped, or glued them in. If you need to call on one of your girls to keep an eye on the back tracks, just let her know there’s plenty of moscato to go around.

With this summer’s bob, try punching it up another notch. Add a super sexy, super exaggerated side part. Like this gorgeous beauty, it wouldn’t hurt a thing if you made sure your brows had the only perfect arch. And those lashes? Girl, she’s got it goin on for days. A nice set of falsies are totally on your horizon once you get this weave set.

Super Curly

The caption on this pic got it right: her weave be poppin! When you think summer fun, think big, sexy wefts of curls. It’s a natural look that punches everything up a notch, including your confidence. Personally, we suggest a bold red lip to go with this flirtatious set of locks.

Three weaves, three totally different looks. Let Summer of 2017 be your summer of weekend waves. When you return to the office on Monday, set your outfit up right with an asymmetrical bob. When you’re ready to show off your wild side, let those curls come out to play. Alright, girl. It’s yours for the taking. Get it!

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