How-To Care for and Style Your Hair Extensions

March 17, 2017

How-To Care for and Style Your Hair Extensions

After what felt like season-upon-season of the bob cut being touted as the It hairstyle to have, long hair seems to be making a serious comeback. Stars like Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian, and supermodel du jour, Gigi Hadid, are embracing the long lock trend.

So, what happens when your not born with enviable and tuggable (hehe) lengths of hair?  Well, that’s the great thing about hair extensions! You don’t have to spent months (if not years) growing out your hair to achieve the great lengths of some of your favorite celebrities. Hair extensions allow you to instantly change your look to something more glamorous in a matter of mere hours. Daunted by the potential upkeep? Don’t be! By following a few simple steps you can easily preserve and style your newly long hair without damaging it.

Brush and Repeat

Once your Rapunzel-worthy extensions have been put in, your regular hair brush may no longer cut it. Instead, a soft bristle brush is what you need to give your new hair that extra TLC. Every morning and before bed, carefully brush out the extensions just below the bonds to ensure silky and tangle-free hair.

Use the Kumari Hair Detangler brush, which is tailor-made for extensions, plus any hair of all textures. It’s the ideal size and features wide tooth synthetic bristles to leave you with soft, fluffy hair.

Lather and Rinse

Similar to a plastic bristle hair brush, your shampoo may also need replacing. For human hair extensions especially, opt for a sulfate-free shampoo that won’t strip the scalp’s natural oils. Pick up an equally gentle conditioner and apply to the ends to maintain healthy tips. Oh, and most importantly, only wash your extensions every other day! You now have a diva-esque excuse to sleep in a few extra mornings. You’re welcome.

Style and Goblow dryer

The best bet to ensure your extensions’ longevity is to let your hair dry naturally. I know you’re probably thinking, “who has the time!” and yes, true, we can’t all have schedules of the rich and famous (sigh), so if you must use a blow-dryer use it only on the lowest heat setting. Once dry, use your soft bristle brush to carefully brush out the extensions making sure that the bonds didn’t tangle while blow-drying.

Now the fun part: styling your extensions to emulate Jennifer Lopez’s poker-straight hair or Blake Lively’s romantic waves, which is partly one of the reasons you have extensions (amirite?). Before you use any heat styling tools you will want to apply a small amount of a gentle heat protector spray or cream to the extensions (again, especially if human hair). Then, carefully curl or straighten below the bonds to prevent damaging the adhesive.

With these simple tips and a little patience you now have the know-how to care for your celebrity-inspired hair extensions. Like Instagram Queen, Kim Kardashian, you too will be selfie ready.

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