Hairstyles to Rock at Mardi Gras 2017

February 24, 2017

Hairstyles to Rock at Mardi Gras 2017

It's time to celebrate with all the colors and festivities of our favorite blowout, Mardi Gras! Filled with gorgeous costumes, food and even full frontal nudity, every tourist is ready to let loose and wild! So if you're a fiery female attending Mardi Gras this year, take a glance at some of these stunning hairstyles to dazzle for a day of revelry and partying.

Undone Braids Babe

Unleash your lovely locks with carefree undone braids. With its loose body and wavy texture, it give off a relaxed and easy going vibe. People will find you more approachable, letting you easily mingle and shine among tons of new friends.

To create this style, simple tie your hair into several braids on each side of your head before bed. Use hairspray to hold the pieces in place as you sleep. When you wake up, untie the braids to unveil smooth waves. Then simply grab your favorite playlist and booty shorts and you're ready to head out!

Angel of Jell-O Shots

Get your crazy on with a lush bunch curls, coupled with a flowery headband. You'll appear fun and zesty, making you the life of the scene. You can wear this hairstyle with funky outfits and wild makeup to create a flashy yet glam look. Finish the outfit with a bunch of tequila Jell-O shots and you're a true Mardi Gras girl! Bottoms up, ladies!

To get the curls of your dreams, use the KUMARI Rose Gold curling iron. Built with titanium steel, you'll achieve the softest and smoothest waves possible. Who said styling required effort?

Half Pony Party

Want to try a hairstyle that's bound for compliments? This hairstyle is an attention magnet, adored for its feminine yet trendy vibe. To keep it fun, leave a few wavy wisps of hair beside the face to keep things just untidy enough, so you don't seem like you're trying too hard-- it's Mardi Gras, not a beauty pageant! The idea is to appear effortlessly hot, not painstakingly perfect.

If your hair is too short to achieve a glowing half pony, you can always go for extensions. KUMARI Hair makes long, beautiful versions made with authentic Indian Remi hair, blessing you with goddess tresses in seconds!

Strawberry Sugar Bomb

Nice girls finish last-- and so do ones with boring hair. Mix things up this year by diving into a fresh burst of color like strawberry. It helps brighten your complexion while giving your style an interesting twist. You can add more funk to your hair by putting in braids for added playfulness.

Don't forget to use a color-protecting shampoo to keep it fresh and beautiful. You should also keep your makeup minimal to avoid too many colors happening at once-- unless you're too drunk to care…

Hairstyles aside, Mardi Gras is all about personal expression and celebration. So, when you're done dressing and sipping up, get ready to share the best and truest you. Be safe folks!

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