Haircuts to Suit your Face Shape

March 01, 2017

Haircuts to Suit your Face Shape

Just how every woman has that one true lipstick shade, the same loyalty should apply to haircuts. For every face shape, there’s a haircut that will compliment it best. And you can’t get around this rule, as firm and true as the laws of gravity. Seriously, when it comes to the basics of aesthetics, there’s no amount of rationalizing and staring down at the mirror that will change it—there’s just certain styles you can’t rock, sorry! If you’re not sure about which hairstyles can work with your face shape, use this foolproof guide to make sure you never commit this beauty crime.

Round Face

When you’ve got a round visage, the trick is making your features appear slimmer. Face-framing layers are key, helping to elongate the face. To maintain this effect, the shortest layer should always be longer than the chin.

Never ever get bangs or bobs—for god sakes, don’t! It will exaggerate the roundness of your face, taking attention away from your best features. So, even if your favourite celeb or your icon from America’s Got Talent or whoever has a fringed cut, don’t copy them, no matter how gorgeous they look, it’s not for you! Accept it.

Oval Face

The sky is the limit for you lucky oval-faced females! You can literally wear any hairstyle you fancy, from long and wild to short and wispy. There’s really nothing that will be unflattering on you. Take advantage of this freedom and try out some different looks every season or so—don’t be ungrateful!

Square Face

Long and luscious hair is a must with a square face. It will soften the edges of your face, making you appear more feminine and just overall yummy. If you aren’t a fan of long hair (lame) than you can get away with a short cut as long as the layers start past the jaw line. You’ll also want to keep your bangs parted to the side to help further offset your square face shape. Then, as the finalizing touch, you can go to town on your contouring skills to become a lovely optical illusion— Instagram it!

Heart Faceheart face

A heart shaped face needs a whole lot of hair action. We’re talking waves, curls and twirls galore-- the more dynamic, the better. This approach to styling will help balance out your facial features, bringing them into harmony.

If you’ve got shorter hair, make sure it still has movement such as a pixie cut or shaggy layers. Whichever style you choose, give it body and give it lots!

Diamond Facekumari hair

Bangs were made for the diamond-shaped face. They soften your jaw line, while giving you a cute, playful vibe. Medium to shoulder length hair works best, helping to slimmify your face. Just don’t go crazy with the volume; diamond-faced girls need tame, controlled waves. You should also avoid too many layers, which can interfere with your overall facial balance.

Basically, the lesson here is just because you dig a do, doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you. Live by this mantra and never risk clashing your features with an unflattering hairstyle. Remember, your hair is your crown; it’s meant to decorate and beautify you, so always wear it right and you’ll rarely have a bad hair day—it also helps if the hair gods are with you...

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