Hair Color Trends of Summer 2017

June 14, 2017

Hair Color Trends of Summer 2017


What's better than a beachside barbecue or a rooftop cocktail in the summer? As you debate between the white belted shirtdress and the soft floral sundress, there's one other accessory you can have some colorful fun with: you hair.  Have you been seriously considering a dramatic change? Well, we've got a couple ideas for you. And, no matter the length, no matter your destination, the right summer color will set you up for your most sizzling season yet.

Blonde Balayage

Doesn't the name alone sound so luxurious? Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. As ombre steps out of the limelight and balayage steps in, this offers a nice transition. With the balayage technique, your roots remain as close to your natural color as possible, and the balayage isn't really saturated until the tips. A well-trained stylist will complete this technique freehand, placing the color in a manner that will suit your natural skin tone and lighten up your appearance.


Mermaid Memories

The trick to the mermaid tail is to start with a rich, dark base. Then, the choice is yours. You can either weave in rich color throughout, or let bursts of color wave across the ends. Every mermaid you've ever met had a blue-green or purple-toned tail, right? So, try to stick with this color palate, remaining reminiscent of the glistening waters they swim in.

To achieve lovely locks that could rival with Ariel’s, opt for real human hair extensions, letting you live out your undersea princess fantasy! KUMARI HAIR features top-quality versions known for its luxuriously soft and shiny texture.


Face-Framing Fun

We've all seen blond highlights swept evenly throughout brown hair. That's a look that's probably never going to go out of style. However, this summer, take those blond highlights and focus them densely around the front of your face. Keep the roots on the crown of your head a bit on the dark side, like our balayage above. Then, disperse your blond highlights throughout, but make sure your stylist lays it on thick, right around your pretty, summer glow. Once that tan starts kicking it up a notch, you'll be the queen of the Gram.




Baby Pink

Alright, so. Mermaid hair would certainly be a head-turner, right? All those drastic and contrasting colors are be absolutely gorgeous. But, how about you take things one step further? As lavender hair bows out, baby pink hair moves in. Especially if you have somewhat of a lighter complexion, baby pink could be your effortless summer alternative.

With minimal makeup, you're going to be ready to soak up your summer sun. In the evening, as you head down to the tiki bar, paint on a dark red lip and it'll quickly turn into a night of romance. With unmistakable confidence, order up that raspberry martini and be the light the world needs to see.


Color Pop

The pop of color is back this summer. Given the overall theme of blending, that pop of color doesn't have to be a stark electric blue amidst a deep jet black. Rather, take your baby pink or a soft coral and just swipe it down a small section of your hair. This gives you the freedom to express your summer thrill-seeker and the ability to throw on that suit come Monday morning.

Well, have some fun this summer, ladies! Be the adventurer who goes for baby pink. Or, until we're able to make some real mermaid friends, why don't you be the one to celebrate ocean living with mermaid tresses? Don't worry if you can't go all out in this color wheel, though. Try a little face-framing blonde, in that case. Or, just swipe a fun little splash in there on your holiday weekend. No matter your choice, this is definitely a summer of fun, bright, bold celebration. Be sure to embrace it and soak up the setting sun, wherever you are.

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