Gorgeous Winter Hair & Makeup Looks

January 18, 2017

Gorgeous Winter Hair & Makeup Looks

Just because the winter is drab, doesn’t mean your hair has to be. Set high standards for your hair care—an important way to look fresh and beautiful during the colder months. And there’s nothing like a hot set of bombshell locks to sizzle up a chilly Friday evening—cocktails ladies? Yes, they’re on him. Thanks fellas…

High-end Babe Wavesbody waves

Go long or go home! Feel like a total babe in long, wavy locks—a classical way to feel super womanly. For extra oomph, you can tease the top portion of your hair to get lots of volume, letting your hair become a masterpiece of its own—one word: hot!

Combine it with simple yet chic makeup. Let the brows be full and elegant, while your eyes have a subtle winged liner and a touch of bronzer all over the face. Bam—you’ve got one hell of a look for winter!

Sultry Vixenkumari hair black hair

Perhaps dark, bold and beautiful is more your style! Let things get a little edgy with super straight long layers. You can enhance the effect by adding in a set of Kumari hair extensions, offering premium real hair for ladies love adding luxurious levels of inches.

Wear this style with a rouge lipstick and false lashes, a fierce way to show people who’s boss.

Glam it Upkumari hair high bun

Pop the champagne with a chic bun. Both playful and fashionable, this look will send waves of compliments your direction. Yet, before creating your queenly bun, make sure you get your hair super sleek and straight using the Rose Gold Flat Iron Styler for maximum results.

Pair the hair with a glowy makeup for a strong diva factor. You’ll let your complexion appear dewy with a high-definition highlighter and a plum pout for a playful vibe. For the eyes, use a gold eyeshadow and a set of false lashes for all-out hotness. Dare to rock this look all night? We hope so!

Pastel Loverkumari hair color

Why rock any basic colour when you can have a melody of pastel hues flowing through your locks? This season, pastel hair is all the rage. As seen by our favorite celebs like fashion icon, Kylie Jenner and pop princess, Katie Perry, it’s clear that pastel tresses are here to stay. From icy grey to dusty aqua, hair-lovers are going nuts with all versions of this trend.

Finish the look with deep smokey eyes and metallic lips for a cool, trendy effect—definitely Instragram-worthy!

Rock it Naturallayered look

Sometimes less is more. This lady shows how it’s done with her simple approach to hair and makeup. Her layers are kept slightly tousled for a graceful effect. She’s also got a little balayage, creating a sun-kissed feel. Her makeup is barely-there, capturing Calvin Klein’s mantra, “it takes makeup to look natural”—meaning that a little well-placed makeup can make us beautiful without trying. Try it to celebrate your natural beauty!

With these adorable hair and makeup ideas, you’ll be ready to strut into any date or party with rocket-level confidence. And as a seasonal bonus, Kumari Hair is offering a winter special, featuring 15% off all products and free shopping with bag and hanger sets, plus weave bundle specials. Get it while it’s hot, dearies!

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