Girls Night Hairstyles for Summertime Happy Hour

June 07, 2017

Girls Night Hairstyles for Summertime Happy Hour

It’s Friday night. It’s been a long week, and we’re all ready to let our hair down with the girls-- literally! It’s time to loosen up, starting with our tresses, and enjoy some well-deserved cocktails and perhaps even a tad of naughtiness. Whether your lady flock will be gracing a casual patio or an upscale restaurant, you can rock the same hairstyle no matter where you’re indulging in happy hour ( #beautyshortcuts). Here are this season’s top ways to style your hair, while keeping humidity-free and fabulous!

Head-turning Top Half

The first thing we should look at during these hot summer nights is the updo with a twist. With this one, we’re gonna start taking bets. At least seven people are going to ask you about your hair tonight. This style is effortlessly chic and such a head-turner. If you have a little bit of time before happy hour, pull up your favorite playlist, pour yourself a glass of chardonnay, and weave a little bit of wonder into your waves tonight. 

The Braided Crown

We.Love.This. The braided crown shouts summer sunshine. The only problem is it always seems like it can’t be done without a pair of professional hands. Not the case any longer! WIth a little bit of practice, all these YouTube videos out there can turn you into an overnight sensation.

Just knowing where to start helps. You actually don’t want crystal clean hair. Day old hair will have a little bit more grab to it. If you have some dry shampoo handy, feel free to bring that to the party, too. Then, part your hair in an extreme side part - whichever side is your best side - and start moving the braid up and around the crown of your head. If you’re too lazy or impatient to attempt this style on your own ( totally understandable), you can get the braided hairbands from KUMARI, designed with real Indian Remy hair.

Mermaid Mists

If this Friday night happens to find you standing amidst an ocean mist, then this is your look. Mermaid oasis meets starry sensation. And just because you’re out with your girls doesn’t mean you can’t look like a dreamy siren, the ones he’s been searching for. This is a great summer look because, at minimum, you definitely want your hair off your face. Once you waft your wand through your waves, all that’s left is a simple, loose twist - secured by crisscrossing bobby pins - and you’re golden!

For the best results, you can use the Rose Gold styling wand by KUMARI Hair, made with titanium to keep the hair smooth and sleek.


Fishtail Frenzy

Fiesty fishtails are not budging as a trend. Thank God for that! They’re adorable and keep returning to the top of the style scene every summer. Some finishing spray is definitely required here. But nothing too sticky. You’ll want to keep your hair in place, while still allowing a brush - or his hand - to make its way through at the end of an evening. We’ve found a nice style guide here for you. It’ll walk you through just how to get that tailored tail. And don’t focus too much on perfection. The goal here is effortlessly chic.




Best Bob

When fashion meets function, you’re looking at the modern bob. This is the style for your ascent to the hottest rooftop bar in town. That cool city breeze will comb its way through this summer style. Actually, it’s nice to get a little trim in the summertime, and then enjoy longer locks when the cooler weather comes back to play. Notice that the back layers of this bob perch right atop her shoulders, and the front layers sweep dramatically forward? The swirl of those curls is going to be hard to resist-- kill them with style, girl.. slowly!


Well, there you have it, ladies. Light up those rooftops and sway through that tiki torch light. There are many style options that will stick with you through these thick muggy nights. That whole matted hair to the forehead look never has to be an option. With a focus on face framing fun and relaxed updos, this Friday night is yours. Cheers to you and the girls. We just know Summer 2017 is going to be your best summer yet.

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