Formal hairstyles that make you feel like a starlet

March 03, 2017

Formal hairstyles that make you feel like a starlet

For any girl that was convinced she was Beyoncé, now it’s time to put the haters to rest. When it comes to looking like a total celeb, your star power comes from your hairdo, combined with truckloads of fiery confidence. Then all you need is some airbrushed makeup and an army of photographers (A.K.A your selfie-obsessed gal pals) and you’re ready for stardom! To get the ball rolling, try out these five stunning hair styles that were born for the red carpet.

Royal Bun

Like a crown, the bun sits proudly on the head, giving you that extra boost of WOW. This is a great style for thick long hair that is freshly washed with a smooth texture. The overall style involves gathering the hair into a ponytail just at the nape of your neck, dividing it into sections and twisting them into an elegant knot, almost like a brioche bun.  Yummy!

Look-at-me waves

Today’s styles encourage you to let your hair down as updos start to phase out. The hair is blowdried away from the face and cascades down the back in beautiful curly waves that glisten and dance. You want an energetic body of tresses to literally sing for your presence, making it known you don’t mess around when it comes to hair.

If your locks are on the shorter side, you can use extensions to create fuller waves. KUMARI HAIR designs inches of stunningly long real hair to give life to your style. Who’s faking celebrity status now?

Hot but indecisive-- half up and down

Can’t decide on up or down? Compromise and go half up, with wonderful beautiful locks falling down underneath. Now you get the best of both worlds: prim and styled but also care-free and loose. Perfect for the girl who can’t be understood or pinned down in one word, this hairstyle will speak volumes. Pair this look with a set of sparkly dangle earrings to give your style that drama and pizzazz it craves.

Knotty gal

Knotty girls know how to turn heads. And when it comes to hair, the craft is no different! So, go for a cool twist on the conventional updo with a head full of high-fashion knots. It’s modern, edgy and gives you a kick in your step, simply from knowing you’ve got that do-- the one that steals the spotlight!

Snobby side pony

Capture Hollywood glam with a snobbishly perfect side pony. Oozing with taste and femininity, it gives you a touch of class while looking absolutely flattering. This style looks best when you’ve got a bulk of hair to work with. Otherwise, you can use the KUMARI HAIR pony wrap, which will give your hair more volume and luminous shine. Nobody said your starlet hairdo would have to be 100% natural, right?

Attending formal events is an exciting and memorable occasion that should inspire you to try something new.  With a little planning, you can easily guide your hairstylist to the style of your dreams. So, get out there with your best heels and Snap filters, and show them what it means to be a starlet.

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