Dying Your Remy Human Hair Extensions

June 09, 2017

Dying Your Remy Human Hair Extensions

Any serious hair-addict knows the importance of precision when dying your remy human hair extensions. All the details matter, from achieving the perfect tone to the right highlighting technique. The goal is to create a freshly colored, tailor-made match for your unique look. Jet-black Pocahontas hair? Sexy sun-kissed blonde? It all comes down to a exact color science. And if you’re super picky, the process is pretty demanding, much like altering that one-of-a-kind Vera Wang dress. To ace all the adjustments the first time around, here’s some tips to dying your hair extensions-- regret-free!

The first rule of coloring your hair extensions

The main rule to dying your remy human hair extensions is to go from lighter to darker, not darker to lighter. Doing the reverse will leave the strands dry and frazzled, killing the hair quality, your beauty investment and any dream you had of having shiny tresses that scream “damn girl!”. Save yourself the heartache. Always go darker because you’re safely adding pigment to the hair, while going lighter strips away pigment, leaving it thinner and weaker-- hello breakage! 

This rule is especially vital when you’re dealing with remy human hair extensions, as it’s already been through a chemical process. On the other hand, virgin hair extensions that haven't yet popped their color cherry can be bleached lighter with less damage. Just don’t forget to use protection-- conditioning oil, of course...


How to get the right color


  1. Hair extensions tend to be drier than your own natural hair, so use a cream-based dye with no more than 20 volume peroxide.


  1. Always perform a strand test before coloring your entire set of hair extensions. You don’t want to accidentally dye your precious tresses a neon orange when you were aiming for rose gold. Practise makes perfect.


  1. Comb through your extensions before coloring, allowing the dye to be applies smoothly.


  1. Never color your hair extensions if they are wet or damp.


What you need for dying your hair extensions


A tint brush

Old t-shirt

Hair dye


Leave-in conditioner

Gloves, towels



Steps for dying your hair extensions


  1.  Apply a generous amount of color to completely cover each section of your hair extensions. Bold, beautiful color does not hold back!


  1. Make sure that you color both sides of your extensions to create an even and flawless result. No shortcuts, ladies!


  1. The coloring process should take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. You can check a small section every 5 to 10 minutes by carefully rubbing some color off the strand with a paper towel. Just  immediately re-apply the color after checking.


  1. Use cool water temperature to rinse the color from your extensions. Let the water flow in the direction that the hair naturally falls to prevent it from tangling.


  1. Thoroughly rinse each section and use a light shampoo with a gentle, sulfate free color safe formula. All color must be removed from your hair extensions-- unless blotchy is the new balayage… no thanks.


  1. After rinsing and shampooing, apply a leave-in conditioner to each portion of your extensions and comb until smooth. Then, lay the extensions out so they can air-dry completely before using them.


Follow these tips with a whole lot of TLC, and you’ll have freshly colored remy human hair extensions with minimal damage. If you don’t already have a set, you can find beautiful hair extensions, weaves and ponytails at KUMARI- all 100% Indian Remy Hair.


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