Destination Wedding: Beach Bride Hair Ideas

January 27, 2017

Destination Wedding: Beach Bride Hair Ideas

Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I want to take ya…Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama…

The Beach Boys were so on point!  Who doesn’t yearn for a sandy-sunny beach filled with sparkling blue water?  If you’re set for a balmy beach wedding, your hair needs to match your romantic surroundings. Yet, with all fairy tale endings, there’s always a catch: the possibility of wind, sandy breeze, and heaven’s forbid—high waves! To fight back against Mother Nature’s temper, a bride’s hairstyle should be beach-ready and prepared for anything! So, what’s a fashion-conscious beach bride to do?  

Here are some of the hottest beach bride hair ideas that you’ll love plastering on your Pinterest page. 

Angel in a Braided Halokumari hair braided halo

Why wear a tiara when a divine halo can grace your head? Embrace your inner greek goddess with a laurel wreath-inspired look, while letting your soft curls pour charmingly around your braid. This breathtaking vision will not only make your photographer love his job, but will create some ironically stunning Instagram pictures you’ll want to gloat about!

To keep everything intact, make sure your stylist uses superhero hold hairspray on your hair, so you can rock this style from your nuptials to those boozy beach party later in the am.

Loosen Up—For the Mellow Bridemessy up do kumari hair

For the free-spirited bride who loves to let loose, a flowing updo is definitely your calling. Evoking the movement and essence of the waves, this hairstyle captures the heart of the beach.

The few free pieces of cascading tresses offers the ideal balance between looking dreamy and liberated. If you want to lock down the picturesque hairstyle that celebrates the beach theme, this would be a winner.

Sea-like Waveskumari hair ocean waves

Make your fantasy beach wedding a reality with sea-like waves. As the coastal breeze flows through your hair, you’ll feel like the ultimate princess of the island. To jazz up the look, you can add flowers or gold stars through your hair. If your locks are not long enough to create gradual, oceanic waves then you can always step up your hair game with some extensions.

Kumari Hair extensions offer 100% real luxurious hair to bless every bride with stunning length. They’re known for their premium quality and can be easily placed just by clipping them in without the hassle of glues, tapes or weaves.

Savor double the thickness and volume when you glide down the aisle.

Mermaid Bride along the Shorewavy hair kumari hair

Transform into the mermaid beauty you’ve always fantasized about since you were a little girl. Embed ocean-themed gems and ornaments into your twirling hair, creating a romantic under-the-sea vibe.

Collaborate with your stylist to come up with the best ideas for your down-do. You can also bring along the Rose Gold Curling Wand Set which features five interchangeable tourmaline barrels Infused with 100% titanium.

Play with the different barrel sizes to find the right curl style for your wedding day. You’ll have the smoothest, softest curls on the beach—Arielle would certainly approve!

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