Celebrity-inspired hairstyles for spring

March 15, 2017

Celebrity-inspired hairstyles for spring

For hairstyles that are hot and not, we look to the celebs, who like a styling compass, guide our way to coolness. Yet, when following the red carpeted road to the latest hair trends, it's easy to get lost in all the glitz and pizzazz. Fortunately, we've highlighted the top styles to help you along.  Whether it's Kylie’s impulsive bleach job or Rihanna’s luscious layers, Hollywood offers a range of ideas to help us switch things up. Plus, with spring finally here, all the starlets are donning fresh new hair looks. So, pencil in your stylist and being a screenshot of your favorite celebrity hairstyle, and let the magic commence!

Selena’s sensual shortnesskumari hair looks

Selena abandoned her diva-hair status when she chopped off her long locks for a shorter do. Making all long hair addicts question their below-the-boob bibles, she's putting the hotness back into short hair.

She keeps her cut playful by waving the ends, giving it movement and body. If you're too scared to fully commit to a short length, you can always opt for hair extensions, giving you the best of both worlds. KUMARI HAIR is known for providing hand-picked Indian Remy hair, the highest quality used in the world of celebs.

Gaga’s super bowl hairdowrap pony tail extensions

Who can forget Gaga’s unforgettable Super Bowl performance? As the guru of shocking fashion statements, this rockstar takes the cake! But surprisingly, for this year's spectacle, she kept things a little tamer in the hair department. Lucky for us! She wore a slicked back ponytail, leaning slightly to the side for a slightly funky vibe. The ends were twirled for a party-forward feel that's just right for this racy popstar!

Freida Pinto’s silky smooth stylehair extensions

Take tips from a real-life goddess when navigating  for stunning hair ideas. Freida Pinto, famous for her melting hearts in “Slumdog Millionaire”, is to-die-for with her silky chestnut tresses. Her layers seem like they're practically melting over her shoulders with their enviably soft texture.

To give your long layers this incredible texture, you should treat it with regular moisturizing treatments. Coconut oil hair masks are ideal for creating these must-have results!

Kylie blonde bash

You know a girl's ready to start fresh when she's suddenly bold, blonde and gone bob-- wowzers! Kylie Jenner, the unpredictable hair queen, turns heads with this exciting yet chic hair turnaround.

When getting his hairstyle, you'll want to plan carefully with your stylist to ensure your transition to blonde is a safe one. We don't want you stuck with frizzy, damaged hair. What a mess things would be if your flubbed-up mane took away your privilege to snap your #wokeuplikethis selfie! Dye with care, ladies!

Rihanna goes sleek and straightlong wrap pony tail

Rihanna sophisticated low ponytail will give any bombshell celebrity a run for their money. Oozing with class and grace, her pony pours smoothly down her back with a sheen that's hard not to fondle.

You can achieve a similar look with the luxe wrap pony tail by KUMARI HAIR. You'll add some luxurious length to your pony, while also getting that Rihanna-level shine, designed for the big-time divas and trend-makers. Go for it!

These celebrity hairstyles will perk up your spring look (and your Instagram following). It's the best way to say “hello” to the new and goodbye to all the baggage of yesteryear.

Stay gorgeous!

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