Casual Cute Hairstyles for EuroBackpacking

April 12, 2017

Casual Cute Hairstyles for EuroBackpacking

Ready for your summer globe-trotting expedition? It’s scary news for the devoted hair-product junkie! Prepare to swap your anti-humidity hairspray cans for a dozen water bottles. Sigh, priorities! Let’s face it: When you’re covering ground with one single backpack, your beauty indulgences are almost non-existent, leaving you feeling basic in the middle of Kamloops, or wherever you are, completely bankrupt of all things girlie. Too bad Uber doesn’t deliver hair-care packages to two-star hostels. Lame. So, unless you want your only semi-postable Instagram photos to be of you looking like a shipwrecked zombie, you need to pre-plan some freak-proof hairstyles that’ll protect your frizz (and dignity).

High on the Bunhuman hair wrap extensions

Who says high-fashion isn’t for the mountain tops? In one brilliant hairstyle, you can blend together the chic allure of the bun with the untamed fly-away hairs of the outdoors, giving you the ideal travelling hairstyle, a messy bun! But make it a high one-- that’s the elegant part. It lets you feel fancy enough to warrant carrying around perfume, but is still laidback enough to pull off a nature-loving vibe. You’ll feel prepared for anything, even an inopportune Snap video.

Bandana Funhuman hair extensions

Known for being worn by cool people on the road, the bandana never goes out of style. Not only is it practical, keeping your sweaty strands of hair out of your face, it also increases your travel cred as a serious adventurer. Once you slip it on you will be filling your spirit with a widened appreciation for peace, love and nature.

The bandana looks best when it pops from your hair color. Light-haired gals should go for a dark bandana, while deep brunettes and ravens can wear light-colored bandanas. It’s all about the contrast.



Princess Wildernesskumari hair braids

Big braids win you the title of wanderlust royalty. Decorative and neat, they offer an easily manageable hairstyle that truly defines what it means to be “a babe on the go”. Who knew it could be possible to go from Athens to Santorini while still feeling like a greek goddess?

Clearly, you can re-live these mythical divas-- it simply comes down to the hair.

If you don’t have goddess-length tresses, but crave the look, you can go for hair extensions. KUMARI HAIR designs versions with 100% real Indian Remy hair, which can be seamlessly integrated with your natural hair to create lovely braids, or any style you choose.

Bombshell Explorerkumari hair extensions

Picture this: The exotic breeze is blowing in your face; Calvin Harris is playing softy into the sunset-- the only thing missing is your bonafide bohemian hair. Bursting with carefree energy, long locks let you roam the cities, leaving a trail of coolness behind. Yet, the only damper on your hair parade is the harsh reality that long, free-flowing hair doesn’t stay fresh when you’re backpacking in the heat. As any beauty-savvy traveller knows, you need hair that air-dries beautifully or you risk sacrificing your hair to the elements-- wind, rain, you name it!

To set you on your way, KUMARI HAIR offers premium weaves, made in a variety of textures to compliment your true hair. You can’t go wrong with real human hair, a luxury that’s worth maintaining while you’re busy exploring the world.

Your wanderlust status is only as glamorous as your hair. So be the fearless, hill-climbing duchess you are, and always be prepared with chic tresses-- serious travelling princesses know best!  

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