Bridesmaid Summer Hairstyle Ideas from Instagram

June 02, 2017

Bridesmaid Summer Hairstyle Ideas from Instagram

Oh, Instagram, how we love thee. No matter what we’re after, with just a little bit of Instagram inspo, we’re well on our way to whatever it is we’re planning: a living room remodel, a wedding, a new hairstyle. With this in mind, we turned to our best friends from all across the globe and honed in on the best summer bridesmaid hairstyles for 2017. Let’s take a look.

Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are here to stay. And can we get an amen for that? They never look over-styled and they’re that certain kind of magic that can transition from afternoon picnics to formal dining. More than that, though, they’re casual and feminine. No matter the style of your dress, a beachy wave is always an option. You can pull a few strands back off your face if it’s looking to be an exceptionally hot summer day. And perhaps you’ll just intertwine the look with a floral headband-- afterall, you are a goddess!

Tousled Updo

Tousled is the name of the game this summer. You can dance the night away, get as flushed as the sun demands and still look effortlessly chic-- obviously! You have several options for the actual updo itself. Perhaps it’s a loose bun; perhaps it’s a braided sweep. Either way, allowing a few curled strands to fall softly around your face will provide a beautiful touch to match the softness of this tender day.

Braided Beauty

Just like beachy waves, braids are here to stay, too! And there are so many options for the braided look - you could scroll through the gram for hours. We love this thick braid here, though. It frames the face nicely in its loose setting. Also, remember to let a few strands fall-- think carelessly stunning, not snobbishly tight. So, you’ll get that easygoing statement hair that’ll truly put the romance in your summer bridesmaid look.




Loose Locks

Here’s one thing that can ruin your summer night: sweaty hair matted to your forehead. Yuck. But, if you really want to change the name of the upsweep game, take a closer look at this style. With a gentle touch, your hair is gathered in what’s called a mermaid braid. Is this how mermaids tie back their hair when it’s not lush and flowing, Ariel-style? We’re ready to hop on board that train - how about you??






Baby’s Breath

What better time to rock flowers in your hair than during a sunset wedding? Just an elegant sweep of these delicate blooms will do the trick. Some ladies like to wear them in a halo or headband effect. That’s totally gorgeous, too! However, if you’re going to be pulling all those gorgeous curls up and off your neck for the evening, let a little twig of baby’s breath dance along the fringe. You’ll have the sweetest bridesmaid hair on Instagram!




Ponytail Anyone?

Sometimes it seems like only JLo can pull off a ponytail in a gown. Not anymore, ladies! This style mixes in a couple summer themes: sleek and sassy! It works especially well when your hair’s reached a super-long length and don’t want to pin up all that awesomeness. Now you have a happy medium; it’ll keep you fresh and cool in the summer sun while also staying neatly tied in place. Win, ladies!

You can use the ponytail wrap from KUMARI HAIR for some extra pizzazz. Just be careful not to steal the show!

Not Just Any Bun

For any chick who’s secretly convinced she should've been born a queen, this castle-like bun in meant for you! What a fitting way to enjoy the final toast of the night, after you’ve danced your heart out. With this look, you can let some pieces fall in an effortless way, while still looking  like a high-society gal. It’s easy to wear, yet has just enough detail to make all the other bridesmaids wonder which salon is your go-to. Then you’ll think, “I do my own hair in my make-believe palace, ladies!”

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