Bridal Styling Inspiration for Long Hair

February 03, 2017

Bridal Styling Inspiration for Long Hair

Combine long locks, a bombshell bride and what have you got? The potential for some serious creativity in the hair department! Depending on the mood and feel of your venue and décor, you’ll want to design the ideal hairstyle to compliment your grand strut down the runway/aisle—well, they’re basically the same are they not? From Victorian-inspired updos to soft and simple curls, you’ve got tons of stunning options for your Pinterest board. Now let’s begin the hair hunt, ladies!


Fish Braidkumari hair fish tail

Bountiful and luxurious, the fish braid simply screams femininity. Most often done in a side pony style, it pours over the shoulder, drawing the people’s eyes toward the décolleté—big plus if you’re wearing a low-cut dress.

If you’re afraid you don’t have the inches to rock this hairdo, you can always use hair extensions for extra length. KUMARI specializes in real Indian Remi hair, giving you the crème-de-la crème of faux tresses. Get out your cameras, people! 

Loose and tousled

Become an effortless beauty with relaxed bridal waves. Beautiful with layers, let each piece of hair fall with a dreamy, wind-blown effect. Accent this simple hairdo with an ornate crystal head band, adding a boost of sparkle to jazz up the look.  Finish with oodles of hairspray so you can dance all night with your new hubby, carefree and hairtastic!

Privileged Pony

Go from girl-next-door to ravishing dreamboat with a luxurious ponytail. Let the pony fall into sensual waves with a few wisps of hair left loose in the front to highlight the face. Finish with a hot set of false lashes and you’re ready to enter bridal diva mode—watch out wedding party!

Get the most out of this look by using the KUMARI wrap ponytail, giving your pony some more bulk.


Lovely, loose and longloose waves kumari hair

If you’re the type of bride to enter on horse back or barefoot along a sandy aisle, then you’re definitely a shoe-in for this look. Sometimes less is more and in the case of this hairstyle, natural beauty is key. As your barely-there waves fall long and romantically down your gown, you’ll feel like a free-spirited bride, ready to fearlessly take her next steps into life.


Get Knotty

For the bride who enjoys being more high-fashion, these cool knot designs make a memorable statement. They can be worn as an updo or knotted around the head as a crown. It creates an unexpected balance between looking trendy yet also creatively elegant.

If you’re interested in trying a unique style like this one, make sure to consult your stylist and schedule a few practice runs before the big day. Keep in mind there’s a big difference between hair that’s designed with gorgeous god-given knots, and a clumsy attempt at something chic (#bridefail).

When you’ve got long tresses, the sky is the limit for amazing hair ideas! Although you may love them all, you can only rock one for the evening—unless of course,  you either keep your stylist after hours… or go for wedding number two—just kidding!

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