Beautiful Vacation Hair Looks

March 10, 2017

Beautiful Vacation Hair Looks

Ready for the tropics? Maybe not! A truly prepared jet-setter always travels in style-- and this includes planning out some humidity-proof hairstyles. Now, you may not be the sort of chick who stuffs a separate luggage case with an army of hair products, but you can still be ready for lovely beach tresses.  You just need to plan for a couple easy vacation looks. Before you know it, your hair will get you nicknamed “the mermaid” and your Prince Eric won't be able to take his eyes off of you.

Malibu babehair tape in extensions

Time to join the mile high club of long hair! For this look, inches speak volumes! It's all about getting freeing waves flowing down your shoulders.

To get these lengths, go for a set of KUMARI HAIR extensions to achieve natural blooms of healthy, youthful locks. They also come in handy if you're a topless beach-kind-of-gal, and in that case, you've now got some curtains for your pillows!

Flavor of the islandshair extensions

Cheers to life with a margarita in hand. Yet before you drink the night (and day) away, make sure you've properly embraced a look that speaks to your island getaway. If you're a spunky girl, try rocking dreads as a cool statement.

You can visit your stylist to help you create the type of dreads you want. There are a few different techniques out there, so many sure you plan accordingly-- once you're stuck with them, it's love them or lose them, sweetheart…

Carefree braidsclip in hair extensions

When you're sitting by the sand and sun, braids offer a fun, girlish touch to your tanning selfies. To give them more of a chilled vacation vibe, you can create braids of varying sizes and arrange them randomly throughout your hair. The idea is to keep them relatively neat yet also stylishly messy-- think chaotic beauty.

As a bonus, the braids will pop more when you've got highlights. So, if you've got them, try to use the lighter pieces of hair to make the braids, which will create more contrast against your lowlights. It's all artistry in the end.

Chic and chilledwrap pony tail

Every island princess has her lazy day. No problem; it happens to the best of us, even the ones who'd like to convince the word they're on point 247-- yes the instagram queens too! This adorably chic yet relaxed hairstyle gives you the trendiness you need without the effort. You don't need hairspray or even a comb-- just a smile and a snazzy pair of shades to get the ball rolling.



Natural bohoboho hair extensions

For the free-spirited heartbreaker who loves and breathes vacation time, channel your inner boho with beachy waves. To achieve this look, you'll need to dip your tresses into the salty ocean, and then lie out, letting the sun do the rest. If you're super impatient, you can use the Rose Gold blow dryer by KUMARI HAIR which uses negative ions to keep your hair fresh and healthy.

You'll be left with exotic, textured hair with some added volume. Finish it off with a hair wrap to create a festive island feel.

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