5 Ways to Rock a Ponytail for the Holidays

January 25, 2017

5 Ways to Rock a Ponytail for the Holidays


The holidays are a busy time of year. Between work, buying presents and making sure you have a Pinterest worthy decorated tree, there isn’t always enough time for a traditional blowout or chic updo.

So what is the solution when you are a party girl on the go? A ponytail!

No, we aren’t talking wrapping your hair in the 1990s scrunchie you used to wear to parties as a little girl.

The holidays call for elegance that looks both effortless and stylish.  Ponytails are a staple for top fashion models including Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevigne and the Kardashians and you can achieve this look too. From the office Christmas party to date night, these easy style solutions will guarantee you will rock the ponytail this holiday season.  

1 - Color hair color ponytail

You had no time to get to your colourist this week and you don’t want just a boring Why does a ponytail have to be your hair just tied back? Add stunning hues of color with the Wrap Ponytails. With more than a dozen colors to chose from, you can have instant glam with hints of blonde, red, or even chestnut. Simply click it in, style and go!

2 - Sparkle

It isn’t just the ornaments on the tree that will sparkle this season - your ponytail can illuminate your look with the addition of a sprinkle of glitter. We aren’t saying turn yourself into a disco ball. But a light dusting will compliment your face highlighter - giving you the perfect glow for photos - no filter required! Always a bonus!

3 - Definition and Curl

Add some life to your ponytail with some gentle curls you can quickly do at home. The Gold Royale 5-in-one rose gold curling wand set offers style options from tight curls to beachy waves. And who wouldn’t love to be on the beach when it’s oh so cold outside? Start with a 1 to 11/2 inch barrel to get the best results and infuse with a curling spray to maintain your look all night long.

4 - Accessorize hair accessorie

Don’t just let the hair tie do all the work. Accent your ponytail with a CHIC braided hair band. Adding a touch of detail and effortless style to your hair, this simple accessory can instantly change your look. This piece works great with both a high ponytail or if you want your hair to fall lower. Use several to create a more glam look.

5 -  Be A Goddess

Why settle with just a basic ponytail? Play with your dimension by incorporating bows and braids into your look. Start with a basic braided ponytail using a top layer of hair, then add a simple bow at the top by pulling hair from the side, tying in a traditional bow and pinning. Want something a little simpler?   Go for a mermaid or goddess look by dividing your ponytail and creating large long braids or take inspiration from Kim and Khloe Kardashian with tighter cornrow braids. These look can be achieved in just a few minutes and requires no tools.

Your hair is your crown and you ARE the Queen. These tips paired with the right styling cream or spray will provide instant-inspiration you need to look stunning this holiday season reach your hair goals.

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