5 Stunning Long Hair Styles for Continuing The New Years Vibe

January 13, 2017

5 Stunning Long Hair Styles for Continuing The New Years Vibe

It’s that time again ladies—time to plan the ultimate look to dazzle your way into 2017. If you’ve got long locks, a rich creative flair and a full-fledged obsession with hair extensions, you’ve probably already got a stash of ideas for how to rock your hair. This season, Pinterest has oodles of fabulous long hair style ideas, letting you strut into your New Year’s party like a total babe. So, what will it be this year?

Softly Tussled

Only goddesses get out of bed looking this good—fortunately, we know their secret. You can mimic the magic of graceful sex kitten mane by creating soft, flowing waves. Use the Kumari Rose Gold Curling wand to achieve this style. You’ll wrap the ends of your layers in a half loop over the wand to create loose sweeps of hair. Finish it off with a light-hold hair spray before you head out the door. Watch out boys!

Elegant Side Pony Curlskumari hair curling wand side waves ponytail

Go exotic with a sultry set of bouncing curls held in a side pony. To achieve this level of volume, put in your Kumari hair extensions for a natural yet luxurious look.  This 100% premium Indian Remy Hair that easily blends with your own hair for a seamless and beautiful result.

Once you’ve locked in your extensions, curl the lower half of your hair, using wide coils around your styling wand to create large springy tresses. Then, tease your hair at the top to maximize the appearance of bombshell hair. Apply hairspray and you’re ready to dominate the night!

An Angel’s Braided Halo

This hairdo will have people in awe of your sheer originality. To start, grab a section of hair below your ear and begin French braiding upward toward your forehead, pulling small pieces at a time. Make sure to tug loosely at the portions of hair to create a free-spirited Boho look. Once the braid is done, loop it over your head like a crown and use two bobby pins to hold the braid behind your ear. It’s a masterpiece meant to be flaunted—prepare to turn heads!

Half Pony Princess

An elegant half pony offers a sweet and feminine touch. It also pulls your bangs away from your face, drawing more attention to your pro makeup job (hopefully you’ve learned some new tricks from your favorite beauty blogger).

To let your hair shine like true royalty, you can opt for extra long hair extensions. Try the Goddess 20 inch Kumari hair extensions to get rich flowing tresses. You can twirl the ends or leave them natural and carefree for an effortlessly luxurious feel.

High Pony Smokeshowhigh ponytail

If you’ve got a larger than life personality and maybe a tad of sass, a high pony tail makes for an impressive hairdo. Letting you appear taller and more refined, it’s also super flattering. Since the hair sits high on the head, it draws people’s eyes upward which gives you the illusion of lifted facial features—yes, this also means less contouring, ladies!

Make your high pony even more gorgeous with the Kumari Wrap Ponytail, giving you enviable rock star results.

With all these jaw-dropping long hair styles, you’ll create the ultimate entrance for your New Year’s party. Keep in mind, however, we’re not responsible the hoards of guys that may try to snag you at midnight. So, are you ready to go out with a bang? Start with your hair! Stay beautiful, ladies!

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