5 Signs You Were Born to Rock Hair Extensions

April 28, 2017

5 Signs You Were Born to Rock Hair Extensions

Are you in long-hair love? The signs might creep up on you out of nowhere but once they take a hold, there’s no getting rid of them. And why would you want to? Luscious locks are one of the founding pillars of the beauty industry and if you’re not already rocking them, you’re probably looking for a way to incorporate them into your look.

While not all of us were born with the hair follicles of Rapunzel, there are ways to cheat the system, glamming up your look in one fell swoop. We’re talking extensions, of course, and whether you clip them, weave them or glue them in, there’s no getting around their majesty. Got a thing for your hair? Here are 5 signs you might just have been born to be a hair extensions goddess.

Your Beauty Budget Is All About The Hair 

Who cares about primers, blushers and bronzers when there’s an endless supply of haircare to ogle over? If you prefer high end conditioners and hair masks over the new Chanel lipstick,you know what we're talking about. Your quick dash to the drugstore can turn into a half day jaunt but by now,  and the staff at your local beauty store are so used to seeing you lingering around, they now treat you like one of their own.

Going In Is The New Going Out

Getting yourself glammed up is about so much more than hitting the tiles. Whether it’s a date night, party night or a Monday night, you always like your hair to look its best. You probably even catch yourself creating gorgeous hairstyles at home just for the fun of it. If this describes you exactly, than you were meant to have hair extensions!

The Bigger, The Better

Ever heard of hair that's too big? Thought not! For you, the bigger the hairstyle, the better, and you’re no stranger to fluffing up your locks on the run for a little extra oomph.

When it comes to your extensions, it’s all about adding volume and body and if you had it your way, you would keep yours in all the time. Your hair is always the biggest presence in any room and you don’t care who knows it.

Green With Hair Envy

Perfect skin and great clothes are all well and good but if someone’s got better hair than you, the gloves are coming off. An evening spent scanning the room for the hair competition out there is just your version of a Saturday night. And if, heaven forbid, you spot someone in the crowds with a look to swoon over, you make a mental note to up your game.

Extensions are the only way for you to beat the best of the hair on show and if you’re not the girl with the glossiest locks in the room, you know that there’s something wrong.

You Feel Naked When You’re Au Naturel

There comes a day in every girl’s beauty career when she simply has to let things breathe and go the natural route. Your extension off-days are the darkest on your calendar and you would do anything to make them pass just a little bit faster. The only thing getting you through the break in your hair routine is the knowledge that, in a little while, you'll have a brand new set of extensions to show off for all the world to see! Thank goodness!

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