5 Signs Its Time To Buy New Hair Extensions

June 28, 2017

5 Signs Its Time To Buy New Hair Extensions

We’ve all been there. We just want to squeeze out a few more drops of life from our favorite extensions. It’s such a process putting new ones in! But, while we all like to fight the good fight, there comes a time when we just have to accept the fact that it’s time to say goodbye to our favorite friends. Here are a couple reality checks for when it’s time to take the leap and buy a new set of extensions.


  1. The obvious matting is starting to happen. 

There’s really no tip or trick that can survive the battle of the matted hair piece. After weeks of product, nights of tossing and turning, there comes a time when you just have to give in. Your own hair might have withstood the battle of the beast, maintaining somewhat of a sheen. But, those matted hair pieces? Time to go.


  1. There are mounds of product at the start of the extension. 

Even if you’ve mastered the art of washing your wefts, it’s tough to get the layers and layers of product out. There comes a time when you just can’t try to wash them anymore. That mess is not coming out. Almost as bad as sporting dandruff, having bits and pieces of flaky product popping out is definitely a no-go. Time for a fresh start.


  1. They don’t take to the curling iron any more.

Do you try to get that beachy wave going in the morning and, after you run your extensions through the curling iron, they just fall flat? With layers of product in there, they’re only gonna keep protesting the wave. You can’t make a tired old hair piece do what it doesn’t want to do anymore.


  1. The frizz effect

Put the straightener down. Pull the debit card out. It’s time. Whether you have real or synthetic extensions, there comes a time when they’ve simply been put through too many passes with the straightener. Maybe you could get by with a few more spritzes of spray shine, but that’s just slathering on more product. When frizz comes to town and shows no sign of leaving, it’s time to upgrade.


  1. The ends are split.

Somehow, with extensions, split ends are far more noticeable than real hair. It’s like a spotlight suddenly develops just to shine on them. As you know, there’s just no repair for the split end syndrome - except to say goodbye.


Don’t worry, ladies. Every good thing must come to an end. But, before you toss your old friends in the trash, think twice! Old extensions can be repurposed. How about that perfect bun you've always wanted? The sections of your extensions that survived the battle can work a little magic in their new form, the super bun!


When you’ve use every possible trick to stretch out the lifespan of your extensions, it’s time to move on to another relationship with a different set of hair. Although breaking up with your old hair extensions can be hard to do, trust that it’ll be worth it. Your next range of hairstyles will get a fresh start, so you can make better memories with tresses that will treat you right. You deserve it! When you’re ready to call it official with new extensions, stop by KUMARI Hair, know for top quality real human hair, guaranteed to last 2-3 years!







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