5 Secrets for Long Beautiful Hair

May 17, 2017

5 Secrets for Long Beautiful Hair

Almost every girl on the face of this earth wants long, luscious locks. We all see those insta models rocking gorgeous hair reaching all the way down to their butt and we think to ourselves, “just HOW do they do it?!” Most girls achieve that long hair fast and easily with the help of a little thing called hair extensions. But whether your hair is faux chic or 100% your own, you can follow the same tips for keep it strong and healthy.

Skip the Hot Tools

Yes yes, we know you’ve heard it before, but you still need to wise up. Think about it: using 200-400 degrees of heat on anything every day is obviously going to ruin it. There’s nothing worse for your hair than applying this scorching temperature to it on a daily basis. Over time, the heat will crack the cuticles that encase your hair and cause, you guessed it, split ends!

Limit the Washes

We promise you won’t smell, and your hair will actually look a lot healthier. Your scalp naturally secretes oils that help strengthen the hair follicles and prevent strands from becoming too dry. So if you wash this away every day, your scalp can’t help nourish your locks. Not only that, but your hair can’t build up a tolerance to the oils that are produced, which actually means your hair gets greasier faster. Like, ew.

Diet, Diet, Diet

Ever heard the saying, “you are what you eat?”. We may not have turned into a giant chocolate bar yet or a bottle of wine, but this expression isn’t entirely wrong. What you put into your body is what will come out, and so if you eat tons of junk, your hair is probably not going to benefit much from a bunch of trans fat and a high sodium intake. Stick to a healthy diet and you’ll see changes in your skin, nails AND hair. There are also foods coined “hair superfoods” that help your hair grow faster and stronger because of the nourishment they provide, like avocados, eggs and salmon to name a few.

Chill on the Colour

You probably aren’t going to like this one, but it’s a sacrifice you’ll just have to make for long, beautiful locks. Unfortunately, dying your hair can cause all sorts of damage, especially if you don’t do it properly. So if you DO decide to get it done -- leave it to the professionals! Also, going dark isn’t as damaging because it deposits pigment into your hair, whereas lightening up your locks will strip the hair of essential nutrients it needs to grow (sorry, blondies!).

Hair Masks Are Your Friend

Hair masks are a wonderful way to put proteins and vitamins back into dry, brittle and over-processed hair. Skip the shampoo and apply one of these babies, your hair will seriously thank you! Not sure where to start? Try a deep conditioning one-- it should nourishing ingredients such as B vitamins, argan oil and collagen to help strengthen and repair your tresses.

Also, adding in moisturizing treatments with coconut oil or almond oil are also amazing for treating damaged hair. Alternatively, hints of Vitamin E drops work wonderfully too! Spoil your hair once a week to restore your hair’s softness and touchability.

The moral of our story is that by leaving your hair alone more often, you’re actually giving it a little extra care and nourishment. Now you may not turn into Rapunzel overnight, but we can assure you that your locks are going to stay softer with these five key tips! And if you’re an impatient diva, as we totally understand, go for premium grade hair extensions made with real Indian Remy hair. KUMARI is a leading brand in top quality extensions, offering radiant texture and length.

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