5 Reasons to Get Hair Extensions

March 31, 2017

5 Reasons to Get Hair Extensions

Celebrities wear them, your friends swear by them and you’ve probably craved them from afar-- when it comes to hair extensions, its famous reputation meets all the hype! Adored for its inches of lusciousness, you can feel like a hot blend of Aphrodite and Beyonce in seconds and you don’t need  wait years for your hair to grow. Thank goodness! Yet, not all hair extensions are designed the same-- in case you didn’t already know, real human hair is the only way to go! If you’re a picky fashionista who wants the Coco Chanel of hair extensions, go for Indian Remy hair, the highest grade in the world. If you’re still debating if you need these precious tresses, here are five golden reasons you should never live without them.


Adds sex appeal

In the animal world, hair is fierce and creates feelings of sensuality. So, when you’re strutting around town with a bouncy set of curls, it signals to the males in the human kingdom that a sprightly, cute female is on the prowl. Roar! No wonder hair extensions turn heads so easily-- clearly, the queen of the jungle has come out to play!

Softens your featureslong blonde kumari hair

Long hair can act like magical camouflage for your least-favorite features. It can help distract people’s eyes away from asymmetrical or large parts of your face to create a more balanced look. You can also have a colorist add highlights to your hair extensions, helping to soften your features even more. Just make sure to consult your colorist beforehand because you can’t simply grow out the mistake -- you’ll need to nail it the first time!

Lets you change up your look

Ever get bored of the same hairstyles? We hear you! When you’ve got extensions, you can always experiment with different long hair looks, ranging from plain to high-fashion. Once you are tired of these styles, you simply rock your own haircut and show off shorter layers. So, depending on your mood, you can enjoy a wide range of hairstyles-- and as a bonus, guys love being surprised!

Hides dead ends

More tragic than broken nails or unanswered texts, dead ends completely kill your groove. It’s nearly impossible to convincingly flip your hair like a babe when you’re suffering from frizzy, scraggly ends. With hair extensions, you can conceal your damaged ends underneath flowing, soft locks. Get ready to say goodbye to bad hair days and the horrible walk of hair shame.

Makes you feel like a babecurly hair kumari hair

More important than how you look, hair extensions improve how you feel. When you’re rocking that heavenly crown of goodness, you feel instantly more feminine and beautiful. You’ll notice your mood will be lifted and your walk will become more confident. And as every girl knows, you can’t put a price on inner beauty. So, go ahead and unleash the best version of you!

If you’ve ever fantasized about yourself with hair extensions, don’t waste another second wondering how much better you’d look and feel. KUMARI HAIR designs some of the highest quality hair extensions on the market, made with real Indian Remy hair. Let’s reveal your inner goddess!

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