5 Hairstyles to Rock at Caribana Toronto

July 21, 2017

5 Hairstyles to Rock at Caribana Toronto

Our favourite Caribbean festival is finally here-- get ready for island-fresh food, art, music and those bootylicious tail-feather costumes! As we prepare to parade through the streets of downtown Toronto, one of the trendiest multicultural cities in the world, you’ll want to have your weave game on point. This season, there's tons of chic ethnic hairstyles to rock, letting you style your weaves in all sorts of head-turning ways. Here's 5 looks that'll make you sizzle at Caribana.

Your Highness Pony

Tight and sleek, the ponytail adds inches to your hotness… and your ability to step on silly clown boys. “Stay down, ants!” So, while you're jamming and dancing around town with your fierce lady flock, this chic ponytail will give you the prestige you deserve.

You can intensify the volume by tying in the wrap pony by KUMARI, which uses real Indian Remy hair to give you soft, touchable length. Look down below, B’s!

Wavy Bob

As one of the hottest hair trends of the season, the wavy bob shows confidence and fashion. Worn by celebs like Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift, it's a red carpet haircut that feels light and effortless. What better way to strut along the busy streets of downtown Toronto?

You can finish the look with fringed boots and red lipstick-- but prepare to be flogged by random Instagram junkies craving to get a pic with you! #dontknowthem!

90’s Brandy Braids

With the revival of the 90s, our favourite retro trend are back. As we kick it back in old school style, we can take our styling cues from classic divas like Brandy and Monica. Their iconic long braids are now more gorgeous than ever!

And if you need some help in the hair growth deparment, just go for a set of weaves or extensions. KUMARI hair designs versions with 100% real Indian Remy Hair to give you that jaw-dropping length you'll love.

Balayage Vixen

Who isn't obsessed with latest sunkissed hair craze? If you're seeking something new in terms of color, ask your stylist to make honey highlights along your face-framing layers. This effect will draw attention to your eyes, while also giving you a well-deserved excuse to act like a beauty queen all day long. Just don't get too caught up in your glory and forget to Snap the event! Now that's irresponsible!

Happily pink ending

Get funky with pink frosted tips. Not only is it both fierce and feminine, a winning combo, but it creates a head-turning presence that'll let everyone know you've arrived! Hello Toronto!

You can get pre-dyed hair extensions by KUMARI, taking all the grunt work out of this stunning trend. Just clip them in and go!

Any of these hairstyles are bound to make your Caribana weekend a trendy one. So,enjoy every spectacle and definitely try all the food-- you'll work it off with dancing!

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